Seven new ways to spice up your fundraising programs

Art by Diigii Daguna

Fundraising is in its own way a collegiate rite of passage. Whether it be cookies, old clothes, or some hot item movie ticket, we’ve all hawked something for the sake of some cause greater than ourselves. Hate it or love it, money talks. It’s what gets us moving in the morning, and enables us to sleep soundly at night.

Yet for all the good that fundraising enables, it can get quite limited. Often, the word “fundraiser” tends to feel less, well, fun, and more “girl scouts yearning for proletarian liberation.” As a business major in the throes of a seemingly never-ending string of exams, this disheartens me. Fundraising, is as much a test of creative wills and capitalist knowhow, as it is a necessary evil on the path to utopia.

Here are a few fundraising suggestions to try and make your college org’s financial toils, a bit more bearable.

Midsem care packages

To me, a big reason why baked goods sell so well is because they’re comfortable. They help people cope when the going gets tough, and when requirements get stressful. So why not go a step further? Package some crinkles with free sheets of yellow pad. Add an encouraging note or two to the mix. The whole point is to take the idea of comfort further, through timing and packaging. Ask yourselves: when do people need care, and encouragement the most?

Extension cord rentals

No bells and whistles here. Most coffee shops, school libraries, and common spaces tend to have more students and power hungry laptops and smartphones than they do electrical sockets. Most people also don’t bother to buy extension cords, or carry them around wherever they go. Nothing witty or earthshaking about it. I’m just really tired of having no place to charge my phone in school during exam weeks.

Pillow rentals

Whether we know it or not, the college life is tiring. We don’t sleep much. There’s always some paper to cram, or some exam to study for, or well, crushie, who never seems to be awake (or online) during the day. As such, most of us have gotten rather creative with getting some shut-eye. Whether it be behind bookshelves, library desks, or even beneath that one really nondescript staircase, we’re getting good at finding adequate surfaces to get some sleep. But, much like life, those surfaces are still rather hard. Enter pillow rentals. Soft and comforting for those who have the money to pay, much like love.

A kickass photo walk around an obscure, interesting locale

Walks don’t cost much. You bring your shoes, a keen mind, a good sense of direction, and an eye for scenery. You produce nothing but the stories behind the places you know, in the hopes that others learn a thing or two from the places you’ve gone with them. It also has just the right amount of landi that makes for a good “barkada outing,” if you get my drift.

Remember that fundraisers needn’t always be something too pragmatic. The point is to make money, yes, but also to woo people to your cause. In today’s day and age, that means getting them millennials off their smartphones and into the great outdoors.

Instagram curation services

Well, that, or we can just take advantage of our generation’s preoccupation with others’ perceptions of ourselves. Think about it: you earn money for being artistic, and we all end up with IG feeds worthy of last summer’s #SunniesVacay. Perfect for budding creatives, beach combers, and existentially fraught college students looking for a sense of (tasteful, palette-coordinated) order in our otherwise uncertain lives.

Aminan planning packages

And speaking about uncertainty, how’s unrequited love for a problem people would gladly throw money at to vanquish? Our desire for support goes beyond what is academic. We get that. We’d love to be of service. How about a top-down events planning service that’ll provide the creative and logistical support you need to assuage your crippling loneliness?

Think bigger, my friends. Hell week initiatives? So last season. But jowa-wooing initiatives? That’s where them bills at. We’re talking postcards. We’re talking balloons. We’re talking neon lights that spell out your crush’s name in gaudy technicolor. We’re talking full-on serenades, complete with customized invites and scented candles and heart-shaped chocolates. You want to address needs? How about the need for love and acceptance? And if they reject you anyway, you ask? Well, when all else fails, there’s always…

Giving your soul

I mean, it probably is just a project. Have fun with it. Work hard. Believe in what you’re fighting for. Things’ll probably sort themselves out, I promise you.

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