A short guide to rush Christmas shopping

Art by Gian Nicdao


December 25 is just over a week away. Can you believe? Somehow, while you were preoccupied with all the reports, exams, and the general daily *muscle flex emoji* hustle, you missed the fact that your office was slowly turning into a winter wonderland, or that your school finally put up its giant Christmas tree. You were so out of it that you even missed that meme-worthy Jose Mari Chan Shopee ad (in this case, good on you).

Or maybe you just didn’t have the time for anything. Either way, you’re reading this because you’re desperate and don’t know what to do now that all the 12/12 sales are over and your barkada Christmas party is happening tomorrow.   

We present to you a short guide for that last ditch gift-shopping effort before you head to the mall. You probably barely even have time to read this, so we’re making it short and sweet.

Write down the names of the people you’re planning to gift, then categorize them according to their interests.

Stereotyping isn’t the best thing but let’s be practical: you can separate your gift recipients into categories based on their interests. Samples include the the food lover, the gadget gal, the art hoe, the skincare and beauty guru. It also helps to have a physical list. Yes, we know you’re in panic mode, but imagine arriving at a party and realizing that you forgot to get your office best friend something.

Search for stores that line up with the categories you’ve listed.

While it’s mighty nice to spend hours searching for that perfect present for each person, at this point you do NOT have that luxury. Once you have your list, determine your budget, then check which stores might have options that line up with your categories.   

Another extra tip in case you have some time to spare: cross reference prices online before going to the store (to the store) and sweeping out the place. Always remember the principle of gift giving: it’s the thought that counts

Out of options? Shop online.

The convenience of online shopping is appealing, but kind of risky given the influx of orders that these e-commerce platforms get at this time of the month. Another bonus is that lots of places still have ongoing holiday sales. If you really have no other option, go for websites that have express delivery.

If all is lost, gift guides are your best friends.

Might we suggest a peek at this year’s YS Holiday Gift Guide?