Shutterpanda’s downloadable calendar will inspire you to keep exploring

Browsing through Instagram can lead to a case of major FOMO especially when you see posts about a cool party or a really great travel photo. When you think about it, not a day goes by that your Instagram feed is devoid of travel posts. Heck, even your friend — a true blue city girl — is on top of a mountain feeling #blessedt. The green-eyed monster in you was triggered, but you have got to admit, that inspired you to travel.

Shutterpanda, a group of photographers and videographers, recently came out with their own downloadable desktop calendar that will get you going until the next getaway. Get lost in the stillness of the January haze or imagine flying over the rice paddies in May. The calendar will immerse you in these picturesque scenes, getting you to pack your bags and book a red-eye flight anywhere out of here.

Bright skies: Stay inspired all throughout the year with Shutterpanda’s downloadable calendar.

To get your very own copy of the calendar, all you have to do is tag @shutterpanda on Twitter or Facebook in a post with your travel plans this year. Make sure the post public so they can see it. Hey, if they’re inspiring you to dream and travel, you should just return the favor. We’re sure your followers are looking forward to it.

Follow Shutterpanda on Twitter and Facebook or visit their website for more details.

Header photo via Shutterpanda

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