Simply Modular is the Lego of furniture

Simply Modular is the Lego of furniture

The build-your-own brand is as functional as it is cute.

Photos by Matt Lee of Cereaal Studio

Deciding on whether or not to spend three-months’ pay on a desk is not easy to do. Simply Modular makes these kinds of decisions easier to make. It’s totally customizable. Think Lego. Except instead of blocks, they’re panels. And like Lego, they come in different colors too. You click the panels onto each other to form cute cubes and then you click the cubes onto more cubes and then before you know it, you’ve got not only a desk, but a station built around it — shelves, cabinets, all that good stuff.

These things can lift, bro. 200 kilos, to be exact. Plus, they’re waterproof and scratchproof. The Simply Modular panels are made of ABS plastic — the same stuff they use for Lego and Little Tykes. But unlike the Little Tykes play sets we’re familiar with, these panels aren’t hollow. They’ve got the bite to back up the bark.

Simply Modular founder Pam Tiu’s experience in their family business of interior construction made apparent a problem faced by many of their clients: furniture is expensive. It took months (years, even!) before clients could fully furnish their spaces. Because of this, many temporary renters were hesitant to make the investment. In early 2017, Pam brought the Hong Kong concept home and put up the first local furniture brand of its kind. By February, the orders were already rolling.

Whether you’re a yuppie looking for something cost-efficient, a mom looking for something low-maintenance, a frequent traveler looking for something mobile, Simply Modular is it.

You can order Simply Modular panels in sets of 11, 16, 20, 15+6 (a combination of short and long panels), and more. Find everything on their official website.


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