Singapore’s famous Michelin star-awarded (and affordable!) restaurant Hawker Chan is finally in Manila

Tell me this: how often do you come across a Michelin star restaurant that you’re actually able to afford easily? Well, what if I told you there’s one now in Manila? Hawker Chan, known as the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant, has landed in Mall of Asia.

But first, a little history for the uninitiated: famous for its soya chicken and rice in Singapore, Hawker Chan was founded by Chef Chan Hong Meng in 2009 at the Chinatown Complex. There, he opened a small store that quickly captured the taste buds of locals, and through the years it has brought lines upon lines of people eagerly waiting to try the famous chicken. It was seven years later in 2016 that Michelin’s Singapore Guide debuted, and Hawker Chan was recognized in it, essentially naming it the cheapest Michelin star resto in the world.

Now that they’ve opened a franchise on our shores, you don’t have to fly all the way to Singapore to get a taste of these bad boys (or should I say bad birds?). The menu is pretty affordable, of course, with their signature soya chicken and rice costing just P128, while the soya chicken and noodle combination is at P158. If you add just P70, you can get a side of their equally famous roast pork.

To round out your meal, try the seasonal vegetable (P99), which is steamed Chinese broccoli served with fried garlic bits. A great dish to kick off your taste buds is the Thai-style tofu (P160) that’ll fire up your tongue with its sweet chili sauce, apples and onions. However, if you’re feeling a little ravenous, you can order a whole roast chicken for P598. Hungry yet?



Hawker Chan is located at the ground floor of the Entertainment Mall at SM Mall of Asia. For more information, follow them on Instagram.


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