Skechers is making chunky sneakers come back in a big way, with a little help from Nadine Lustre

In the late ‘90s, a pair of Skechers was your pass to the cool kids’ side of the playground. The D’Lites were up there with the light-up sneakers, jelly shoes, and Heelys© in the elementary school shoe hall of fame.    

But as all trends come and go, the shoe’s once-sought-after bulkiness eventually became the reason for its eventual fall from coolness. By the early to mid-2000s, people began trading in their D’Lites for slimmer fits. Bulky sneakers were branded “dad shoes” and were pushed to the back of the rack.   

Over a decade later, the dad shoe trend is back to slay. Forget slim silhouettes because we’re going all-out chunky: the new and improved D’Lites have an updated edgy body, a memory foam insole cushion and eight retro colorways (including a classic light pink with embroidered blossoms).

Camo cool: Nadine loves the D’Lites  because they go with any outfit.

And who better to usher in this chunky resurgence than the queen of effortless chic herself, Nadine Lustre? As the newest endorser of Skechers, Nadine graced the shoe’s relaunch dressed in cargo pants and a crop top, completing her outfit with the navy blue D’Lites of your childhood dreams.

At the launch, Nadine mentioned that pairing the D’Lites with modern-day ensembles would be a piece of cake. “I think the best part about the D’Lites is they go with everything,” she shares. “You can wear a skirt and it still looks good. You can wear cargo pants and t still looks good. You can wear mga flare, skinny (jeans) and maganda pa rin siya.

When asked whom she’d give a pair to if she had the choice, she named legendary early ‘00s R&B singer Aaliyah: “She’s perfect. I love her outfits and her music. I was a huge fan back in the day, until now.”                 

One in a million: Nadine Lustre looks to ’90s popstar Aaliyah for style inspiration.

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