SM Youth’s prom collection scores style and practicality points

What do you do with your prom clothes once prom is over? Do you just throw them away or keep them in your closet forever, only to collect dust? Unless you’re renting your dress or tux, it’s hard to think of any other occasion where you’d wear such formal clothes. It’s easy to get carried away with high-glam ball gowns and tailored suits, but if you want to make the most out of that prom ‘fit (which can get expensive real fast), go for something more cool and modern.

And that’s exactly what SM Youth’s prom collection is all about. Focusing on individualism, personal taste and expression, the collection can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. Here’s the 411 on how to wear your outfit after prom.


Just sneak it

This is a real tried-and-tested/oldie-but-goodie method of dressing something down: just swap out the heels and leather shoes for sneakers and you’re set to take to the streets. The SM Youth prom collection has an array of dresses both short and long, adorned with bows and ruffles that make for a nice contrast with your favorite Chuck Taylors.


Printed matter

If you want to go the more unconventional prom route, an Aztec-printed jumpsuit will definitely set you apart from the crowd. An animal-printed button-up shirt also adds some flair under a suit. You can take both of these from high-glam to after-party casual in a matter of 60 seconds, so you’re sure to find a life for it after prom.


Go big or go home

If comfort is just as important to you as style (formal attire can be pretty restricting, after all), then an oversized suit jacket is the styling trick for you. It’s an easy way to fit into the dress code and still have a little attitude. After prom, wear it over a casual ensemble and look just as snazzy. Easy.


The SM Youth prom collection is available at the SM Youth section of The SM Store nationwide. For more information, visit and follow @smyouth on Instagram.


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