Spotted and overheard at Karpos Live Mix 3.1

Photos by Maine Manalansan


Karpos Live Mix 3.1 was a strange trip down memory lane. When Karpos announced that The Royal Concept and Urbandub would be back for another show, everyone got confused… then excited. You’d think at first that Urbandub’s heavy guitar riffs and The Royal Concept’s alternative pop-rock feel would be a strange combo. But the unlikely duo created an electric atmosphere, with everybody jumping and singing along during the whole show.

This scene though is not uncommon at Karpos events. We’ve all seen Anderson .Paak, HONNE, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, and Tom Misch, among others, rock the Vertis Tent (even on Sundays!) so expectations were high last Oct. 7. The lineup delivered, but so did the audience.

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Here are some of the things we saw and heard at the show.

Seen: A selfie of JM de Guzman
A few minutes after entering Vertis Tent, Neal, our print editorial assistant, and I saw a girl’s phone with JM de Guzman’s face as its lock screen. No judgement here; just surprised. Imagine singing along to Over October, that night’s opening act, and seeing that cute screen. That’s like double tender onstage and on ground. What a way to start the night.

Heard: “T*ngina na-miss ko si Lalay.
Three years ago, Urbandub, in what we assumed was an April Fool’s joke, announced that they were disbanding. Only it wasn’t meant to be a joke; it was for real real. Thankfully, Gabby Alipe and John Dinopol played an acoustic set at last year’s Wanderland Festival to ease the pain they tattooed in our hearts. And at last Sunday’s show, they even brought back bassist — and my first female local rockstar idol — Lalay Lim. They played First of Summer, Soul Searching, A New Tattoo, and Guillotine among other heartbreaking hits. Pinch me, is it 2007?

Heard: “This is probably the best Sunday night I’ve ever had, and I grew up in church.”
Man, David Larson pretty much summarized the whole evening in one sentence. The Royal Concept first played in the Philippines at Wanderland 2016. We didn’t think anything would top their set there, but we were wrong. Karpos Live 3.1 saw the crowd dancing to hits like On Our Way, D-D-Dance, and Girls, Girls, Girls, a shirtless David Larson, and some snazzy hairflips from guitarist Filip Bekic and drummer Frans Povel. It was definitely a good way to chase away the Sunday scaries.

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