Summer Noise 2019 is set to be a festival filled with living legends

If this god-awful heat is any indication, summer has finally rolled in. And while beach trips, inflatable pools, and showering four to five times a day are the only surefire ways to beat the heat (how can you even do the last thing, what with the water shortage going on?), there is one premier season event we can look forward to, one that’ll make you sing and dance till your throat is dry and your shirt is drenched in sweat.

Summer Noise 2019 is a month away, and we’re excited. We’re so excited we could fight the sun.

As expected of a The Rest is Noise gig, Summer Noise boasts a lineup of champions among their headliners. Thai singer-songwriter and friendly neighborhood lover boy Phum Viphurit is set to make an awaited repeat appearance. The acclaimed and certainly-not-extinct indie band Last Dinosaurs will be rocking the Summer Noise stage as a co-headliner. We’re personally super stoked to see Japanese Breakfast, whose most recent album “Sound Softs from Another Planet” seriously deserved way more discourse and attention as album of the year of 2017.


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It’s also good to see a lot of local acts whose history and prolificness rival those of any overseas headliner. Up Dharma Down has held a living legend status for a good few years now (I myself can’t believe that Tadhana — which is almost 10 years old — still makes me weep like I just got my heart broken by a blockmate), but have recently been ringing louder on the cultural radar with singles released just this year that prove the band isn’t planning to stop amazing us any time soon.

Another homegrown act set to grace the Summer Noise stage is Sheila and the Insects. Not  everybody might be aware of the fact that Sheila is still active, gigging and releasing new material, but I’m betting everybody going to Summer Noise shares a collective Myx memory of the band’s Quick to Panic music video. Those graphics.

The Ringmaster will also be treating us to his own effervescent sounds during Summer Noise. Those familiar with Francis Lorenzo’s work will immediately recognize his artistic thumbprint on his old band, Sleepwalk Circus. His most recent album as a solo act though, however much it resembles Sleepwalk’s old work, is its own world of dreamy soundscapes.

Many other acts in the lineup are on their way to living legend status as well. Sobs and Subsonic Eye have visited Manila in the past, and have been steadily gaining of devote Filipino fans with every gig. She’s Only Sixteen, tide/edit, UPRISING, and Cynthia Alexander have been spreading their influence beyond their most immediate gig circles. And with any luck, Jakob Ogawa and Taiwan’s Manic Sheep and 仙樂隊 SEN will also find their own warm welcome from Filipino audiences.

Our takeaway from what we know so far of Summer Noise is that well, if you bought tickets, you ain’t comin’ to amateur hour. This is a big leagues gig. (Need proof? Take it from this special playlist made by The Rest Is Noise to help acquaint you with the Summer Noise lineup.) We don’t know if breeze will be strong enough for the crowd coming in, but we do know the show’s going to be huge. Don’t forget to bring money for water.



Summer Noise 2019 will happen on May 18 at Greenfield District, Mandaluyong. You can RSVP here. For more information on the show and ticket sales, you can go to the official website of The Rest Is Noise.


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