Sunnies’ new store in Cebu is a dream space that houses all your fave concepts

Photos by Kitkat Pajaro


First came sunglasses. Then came specs. It’s been six years since the Sunnies team changed the local retail game and tbh, we still get obsessed with almost anything they create. The company might’ve started by selling eyewear, but these days, they’re top of mind as a full lifestyle brand with the addition of Sunnies Cafe and Sunnies Face. “We asked ourselves, what would the full Sunnies Studios lifestyle look like as a store, as a multi-brand? How would everything live together?” says operations director Bea Soriano-Dee. What we then get is Sunnies Cebu, the first multi-brand concept store that brings together Sunnies Studios, Sunnies Face, Sunnies Specs Optical and Cup Point — the newest addition to the family — all in one experiential (read: Instagrammable) destination.

Young STAR got the chance to visit the space on its opening day last March 1. “We’ve always felt the love online from everyone in Cebu. By taking the space and the opportunity for our first multi-brand concept Sunnies Cebu, we wanted to give our Cebu-based fans and followers a special treat, as the first ones to experience the full Sunnies Studios lifestyle in one space,” says marketing director Georgina Wilson. Each concept has it’s own designated area, but the idea is for guests to come in, try on different products and hang out. It’s a seamless crossover but it’s also easy to get overwhelmed, especially if it’s your first time. To quote one of the attendees at the launch, it’s “the. biggest. store. ever.” We don’t want you to miss out on all the good stuff, so here’s a guide to help you plan your visit to Sunnies Cebu.

Baby arch: Sunnies Cebu features a neon arch as a central focal point, framed by halo ceiling lights and an elevated island paneled with tinted glass.

Interior design porn

Overheard at the launch of Sunnies Cebu: “Is this… Sunnies Space?” Besides the products, Sunnies is known for killer aesthetics and interior design skills. I mean, they did turn an unfinished penthouse into the house party of our teenage dreams. How hard can it be to design a cohesive space that houses four distinct brands? Led by creative director Martine Cajucom, it took the crazy talented team about six months to turn the vision into reality. (It was mostly done remotely, btw.) The beauty of Sunnies Cebu is in the details. Spot the mural by Pia Riverola (stalk her, she’s major!) and take an ootd selfie in the full-length mirror of your choice. Challenge yourself to take pics of the sexy architectural curves and arches for more minimalist content and future design inspo. Don’t forget to also look up for a surprising ceiling design.

The brew crew: Cup Point serves signature coffee and specialty milkshakes all day, every day.

Cup Point meet-cute

What’s a dream space without coffee and good time? Making its big launch at Sunnies Cebu, Cup Point is your new fave hangout spot in select Sunnies Specs Optical branches. To make waiting for prescription eyewear much more worthwhile, Cup Point has everything from coffee and milkshakes to charging stations, good reads and visually calming interiors. What more can a gal ask for? We recommend the signature honey latte and the matcha milkshake. It’s perfect for the ootd pic waiting to happen on the bleachers lounge, tbh. You can also swing by for an Out Of Office coffee blend refill at Sunnies Specs Optical branches in SM Cebu, SM Southmall, SM CDO Downtown Premiere and SM City Davao Ecoland.

One-stop shop: Sunnies Cebu is the first multi-brand concept and at 300 square meters, it’s the biggest retail space from Sunnies Studios.

Exclusives everywhere

The goal is to open more multi-brand Sunnies concept stores in different cities. Each branch will be a destination not just because of the space size and design, but also because of their exclusive offerings. For Sunnies Cebu, a big branch of Cup Point plus select limited-edition styles of prescription eyewear are on the menu. Don’t forget to cop that Cebu exclusive Sunnies Face lemon jelly pouch. Stalk #SunniesCebu on social media to stay updated on what they’ll offer next. You can also quote finance director Eric Dee on this: “Cebu is definitely just the beginning. We’re looking to continue building on the idea of the full Sunnies Studios experience –– what that looks like now, and where we can take it further. First in Cebu, then nationwide, and hopefully internationally soon.”

Sunnies Cebu is located at the ground floor of SM City Cebu. For more information, follow @sunniesstudios, @sunniesface, @sunniesspecs and @cup.point on Instagram.

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