Supermodel and theater actress Teresa Herrera is giving us the 2019 motivation we need

Supermodel and theater actress Teresa Herrera is giving us the 2019 motivation we need

The ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ actress talks about resolutions and how to avoid burnout.

Art by Rard Almario


Some people just look like they have it all, and Teresa Herrera is one of those people. As an actress, model, and overall Renaissance Woman, Teresa is good at pretty much everything.

In fact, she’s set to star in The Sandbox Collective’s play Every Brilliant Thing this coming February. Directed by Jenny Jamora and showing at the Maybank Performing Arts Theater, Every Brilliant Thing is a heartfelt and authentic take on mental health.

But behind every new project is hard work, passion and great preparation, which makes Teresa the perfect person to ask about New Year’s resolutions.

We asked Teresa for her advice on how to commit to your NYRs and how to keep your cool when life gets a little crazy.

YOUNG STAR: What would you consider to be a good New Year’s resolution? Any tips on how to come up with one?

TERESA HERRERA: I like to think of them as self-improvement projects. I like to start with a theme. For example, last year my theme was Expansion. So throughout the year, I think of something to do every month. That way, as I evolve, so do the “projects.” That way, it keeps it fresh!


How would you measure the success of a New Year’s resolution?

I would normally measure the success of a New Year’s resolution by how I feel and how well I have integrated it into my life. If it feels like habit, then I did good!


It can be a little scary for others to try and tackle new commitments or set big goals. How can they overcome this fear?

Start small and keep it simple. For example, say you want to start meditating. Start with five minutes a day for a week. Then increase it to seven minutes a day for a week. Keep practicing and, eventually, you will be meditating 45 minutes straight.


As someone who is constantly jumping into new opportunities, where do you find inspiration for your different creative outlets?

Oh, inspiration is everywhere! These days, I listen to my intuition more and get cues from her. She’s my muse.


How do you avoid burning out with so many creative pursuits and passion projects?

By keeping it fresh. Because I pursue different creative projects, I don’t ever get bored. I’m always learning something new. Or have new challenges to overcome. That to me is exciting.

With some current events bringing us down, how can we maintain a bright attitude in life?

I try and focus on multiplying the good things in life. I have many roles in life that can easily overwhelm me. But I found that daily self-care practices help. I do meditation plus yoga every day. It keeps me grounded and centered within myself and within the world around me.

Are there any words of wisdom you want to share or do you have any phrases you live by?

My motto: Keep it real. Keep it simple.



Every Brilliant Thing opens on Feb. 2 at the Maybank Performing Arts Theater.