Sweet disposition: Magnum shows us the best way to take a break from adulting

You can’t talk about adulthood without talking about the daily grind. Part of being a young adult means putting in the work and sweat and hours to not only survive, but also flourish, in an environment defined by competition.

But let’s admit it — you can only take so much, and anyone navigating the working world knows the importance of taking a break, and to #NeverStopPlaying. For that, we have Magnum’s answer to the working world’s everyday stresses: the new Magnum White Range, a showcase of white chocolate flavor variants dedicated to the celebration of taking a break, indulging yourself, and embracing happiness in whatever form it takes — especially if it comes in the form of a hella decadent ice cream bar.

Red carpet treatment: The new Magnum Red Velvet is one of the two new ice cream bars to debut in Magnum’s White Range.

Take your pick: you have the Magnum White Almond, a much welcome twist to the good ol’ white chocolate ice cream bar, and the new Magnum Red Velvet, made from red velvet ice cream and cream cheese flavor coated with a white Belgian chocolate shell. It’s a playful range of flavors suited for any work break. And with Janine Gutierrez and resident #girlboss Martine Cajucom joining the Magnum family as ambassadors alongside Raymond Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati, you just know you’re in for a treat.

But the #NeverStopPlaying campaign doesn’t stop there. To complement this new range, Magnum steps up its campaign game by collaborating with three of the Philippines’ most prominent fashion designers: clothes designer Boom Sason, critically acclaimed bag-maker Aranaz, and of course, Martine of Sunnies Studios. Each of their collections are characterized by the playful white and red color palette of Magnum’s new range.

All of this culminated in the kind of VIP event one can only expect from Magnum — elegant, sophisticated, playfully chic. For the ones who missed it, you can check out www.magnumfliptoplay.com for details on being one of the first to try the Magnum Red Velvet and view the pieces from the show for yourself. Be sure to check out the same link from April 14 onwards for a chance to win exclusive prizes by Aranaz, Sason, and Cajucom.

For more information, visit www.magnumicecream.com, or follow Magnum on Facebook.

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