Take these summer style must-haves to both the streets and the beach

Take these summer style must-haves to both the streets and the beach

These chic pieces make for great armor against this heat wave.

Photos by Cru Camara


Let’s be real: this is probably the hottest summer we’ve ever had. Wherever you go, you can probably crack an egg, place it on the pavement, and leave it for a few minutes to cook (you can probably cook it on your head, too; that’s how hot it is). Any and every escape from this heatwave is welcome, whether it’s a trip to the beach, to the pool, to the park for a picnic, or even a cooling wipe (I would bathe in cooling wipes if I could).

We rounded up our favorite brands, along with some new, exciting ones, and picked out some things to help us all bear with these temperatures a little bit better. Because, damn, the devil works hard, but this heat works harder.

Hanging out: Striped bikini top (P499) and matching bottom (P499) from Oxgn, pink and green striped swimsuit (P999) from Penshoppe, maroon bikini top (P899, part of a set) from Penshoppe, and gradient yellow swim shorts (P699) from Penshoppe.

Oxgn is serving up some cute ‘n’ colorful swimsuits for the beach or the pool, while its sister brand Penshoppe is making waves with some classic solid and gradient colors. If you’re just staying in the city, they’ve also got some dual-purpose resort shirts. Swim shorts brand Guppy is also expanding into more apparel, with some guayabera shirts, our favorite of which is super lightweight and breezy in white with a touch of colorful embroidery. Bench, on the other hand, has a variety of things on offer this summer, including a collaboration with designer Rafé Totengco, a complete line of aloe products, and the aforementioned cooling wipes. Can’t forget about those.

To bring all of these around, there’s always the beach-ready bags and mats from Halo Halo, who came up with a special piknik collection for the season (spot that bulsa bag in plaid — a perfect fit for the wipes, BTW). Time to gear up and chill through this heat unbothered.

Sun’s out, mats out: Bulsa bag, multo bag, and mat from Halo Halo; O1 body spray (P169) from Oxgn; aloe cool sunblock (P329), 94% aloe soothing gel (P189), extra virgin olive oil moisturizing body oil (P199), spring break daily scent (P17), Bratsplash green apple hand sanitizer (P24), Alcogel below zero cooling wipes (P55), Afican shea butter & extra virgin olive oil shower creme (P80), bamboo & green tea rejuvenating & moisturizing handmade soap (P75), 92% aloe face & body mist (P229) and bug away mist (P329) all from Bench.
Flippin’ about: Gradient navy slippers (P139) from Bench, printed bucket hat (P349.75) from Bench, yellow sunglasses (P369.75) from Bench, striped navy slippers (P169) from Oxgn, floral handbag (P599.75) from Rafé x Bench, purple-framed sunglasses (P279.75) from Bench, and teal and green-framed sunglasses (P299.75) from Bench.
Lazy afternoon: Embroidered guayabera shirt (P999) from Guppy, striped purple crop top (P699) from Oxgn, spring/summer 2019 tote (P159) fr
Photos by CRU CAMARA
Styled and produced by NEAL P. CORPUS

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