Telus International Philippines makes education wildly more accessible

Telus International Philippines makes education wildly more accessible

One of their workshops, in partnership with CCA, takes caffeinating to a whole new level.

The one thing that our teachers fail to communicate clearly is that schooling never stops after graduation. Sure, you might be part of the workforce now and your sole focus is to get that moolah, but there’s still a lot of wiggle room for us to keep growing and developing our skill set. Rest assured, though: it won’t be as hard as college-level-calculus. (We all know we don’t want to experience that trauma again). Now that you’re older and wiser, you get to choose the classes you can spend your precious time on.

This is something that Telus International Philippines believes in. They actively champion learning within the company through their Telus International University program. Aside from language classes ranging from Japanese to French, they also offer short courses for their 14,000-plus team covering fashion design, information technology, culinary, and performing arts. Imagine having a side hustle of making cute bags or performing on the weekends.

“The caring culture that we foster and cultivate helps us become better in what we do and an important part of that is creating a work environment that is conducive to continuous learning,” said TIP manager for learning and development Frederick Estacio.

Skill share: The Telus International University program has everything from language classes to information technology to culinary.

We got to try their coffee barista workshop in partnership with the Center for Culinary Arts one weekend and it was enlightening to say the least. Who knew that there are actually four types of coffee beans? Before the workshop, I was only aware of two — arabica and robusta — but apparently, they have two more cousins called liberica and excelsa. They taught us how to make espresso with a proper machine and how to make latte art. (However, the latter requires more time and a higher skill set; until we figure out how to properly make latte art with those 3D foams in the shape of polar bears, we’ll stick to our abstract expressionist latte art.)

What’s great about these workshops is that they not only teach you skills, they also dive into the business aspect of it. Telus wants to provide a proper livelihood opportunity for their team members should they choose to put up a side business. If that’s not a caring company, we don’t know what is.


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