Ten moments from Beyoncé’s ‘Homecoming’ that made us feel like we saw the face of God

Ten moments from Beyoncé’s ‘Homecoming’ that made us feel like we saw the face of God

And their timestamps. So you know exactly when to pause and reflect.

We watched and re-watched (and re-watched, and re-watched) Homecoming the Netflix documentary that launched a thousand goosebumps so that you’d know exactly when to hit pause next time you watch it.

1. That zoom-in on a fan whose mouth is agape when Beyoncé makes her second entrance (4:04)

You know which fan I’m talking about — Ms. 4:04. She makes the list because she’s an accurate reflection of all of us. Who knows when she finally closed her mouth? Or if she actually closed it at all throughout the show? I certainly have no recollection of closing mine.

2. The first clear cut from yellow to pink (6:10, Crazy in Love)

Visually stunning, extremely graphic. This moment is a solid mind-boggler for first-time viewers of the Coachella performance that weren’t aware of the difference in outfits between the two days.The quick cut is also a testament to the team’s amazing precision — in terms of dancing, lighting, editing, everything!

3. When commentary on swag turns into a prayer (16:11)

Mrs. Carter swings the spotlight from herself to her crew for the first exposition. Early on, we see that this show is a tribute of sorts — that it is about something bigger than Beyoncé (who knew that was even possible?). Praise for her people turns into praise for a Higher Being. This much gratitude? This much joy? This radiant, overflowing love? It just ain’t right.

4. The entire “Sorry” Segment (20:43)

From the the iconic “suck on my balls” mantra to the arrangement of the songs — this is one of the most powerful segments of the entire performance. This is technically more of a show highlight than a documentary one but that empowering transition to Me, Myself, and I needed to have a spot on this list, right?


Bonus: In Homecoming, Beyoncé points out a fan in the crowd that has her day one outfit on. The Beyhive ain’t playin’, yo.

5. The cut to actual footage from HBCUs (31:00)

“Instead of me pulling out my flower crown, it was more important that I brought our culture to Coachella.” Here, Bey talks about the concept behind the entire show and all the hard work the team put into making her ideas into a reality. We see how she gives back by putting the community first, by caring about current events, and by highlighting the underrated nuances of her culture. As one crew member that was interviewed put it so succinctly, “They heard her say it without her saying it: Let’s get it together. Let’s move forward. Let’s unify. All of those things existed in this performance.” In this segment, the backbone of #Beychella is exposed.

“Instead of me pulling out my flower crown, it was more important that I brought our culture to Coachella.”

6. Her exposition on her pregnancy (44:23)

This is where we find out why the documentary is named Homecoming — because it’s Beyoncé’s return to her true home, the stage. It’s also during this segment that Beyoncé gets most personal as she talks about giving birth to the twins and the toll it took on her body. She talks about not knowing who she is for a while, about her physical insecurities (gasp), and about the sacrifices she had to make to bring this show together. We see her mess up. We see her get tired. We hear the vulnerability in her voice. And for a little while, we believe that this goddess is actually human. For some reason, that just makes her even more amazing.

7. The close-up on the female bassist for the intro to Deja Vu (01:34:21)

This close-up marks the beginning of a few good minutes completely dedicated to the band and crew. The musicians get a real moment for themselves and we are once again reminded of the benevolence, the generosity, and the humility of our goddess Beyoncé.  

8. Kelly’s wink during Say My Name (01:52:19)

This is not something we got to see during the Coachella livestream and I am living for it.

9. Blue’s special performance (2:04:11)

All of Blue Ivy’s BTS moments are a blessing but none of the clips she’s in can beat her little song number. We see Mrs. Carter whisper the lyrics into her eldest daughter’s ear right before Blue launches shyly (but excitedly) into song through gritted teeth. “I want to do that again,” she says a couple of times after her short performance. “It feels good.”

10. The final clip at the end of the credits (02:17:02)

Beyoncé sans makeup, singing a cappella, laughing, and messing up. God, what isn’t there to love about this woman?



Lemonade will finally be available on all music streaming platforms starting on the album’s third anniversary, April 23. Homecoming is just the first of three projects Beyoncé will be releasing in partnership with Netflix.

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