Tequila fun facts that don’t involve how much you get trashed when you drink it

I have a love-hate relationship with tequila. My wildest college days were laden with multiple shots of the drink, and the very little memories that I have of those nights are all good memories. On the other hand, I’ve also had some really bad experiences: from almost getting into a fight to almost passing out in a stranger’s house.

Having said that, I have never really wondered about tequila outside the four walls of the bar. I just take a shot like a champ, pretend it doesn’t taste bad, and wait for the alcohol to kick in. Sooner or later, I’d be dancing my ass off on the dance floor, or just walking up to strangers and befriending them.

Last Friday, I got the chance to attend Jose Cuervo’s tequila masterclass, where I learned a whole lot about tequila. Global Brand Ambassador Stelios Papadopoulos came all the way from Mexico to school us about the tequila-making process, the history of it all, and why you shouldn’t think that tequila is all about shots.

It’s made from blue agave

I didn’t used to know where tequila came from, but it definitely didn’t cross my mind that it’s from agave. I know agave as a sweet syrup akin to honey, so learning that it’s made from the same plant that produces tequila came as a surprise.


If it’s not made in Mexico, it’s not tequila

It’s not an exaggeration. There’s literally only five states in Mexico that can grow blue agave, the main ingredient in making tequila, so if your tequila isn’t from there, it’s probably a fake.

It’s gluten-free

Yep, it’s gluten-free. Every shot you take is literally just a plant extract so no need to worry about calories. It’s good strict dieters and healthy eaters. All buzz, no guilt, am I right?


The more you drink, the sweeter it tastes.

Ever wondered why Tequila is so hard to swallow? Well maybe it’s because you’re drinking too much too fast. Take your time, and make little sip first to make sure your tongue gets used to the alcohol. Then go ahead and take another sip. And then you can take a shot. Trust me when I say that this is a gamechanger.

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