Tetsuo pulled no punches with last Thursday’s ‘This Must Be Paradise’

Photos by Lorenzo Tan


It’s a rainy Thursday night, but the energy inside Tetsuo is buzzing. Upon entering, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a party — there’s a DJ playing in the corner, as people dressed to the nines dance while food is being passed around in paper boxes.

This might seem like a sensory overload, but in Tetsuo, it all makes sense. As we’ve written before, Tetsuo is not your ordinary chicken resto. It’s a fusion of creative ideas — excellent food and the trappings of a bloc party, cohabiting in a compact room.

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Whiskey tango foxtrot: Meh Shua brings live beats to Tetsuo’s little paradise.

As part of their continuous development, they recently held an event entitled “This Must Be Paradise.” It’s a campaign of sorts, a small celebration to launch additional food items along with new merchandise. Their bites (a.k.a. their sides) come in the form of mouth-watering corn kakiage and kani fries. There’s even a limited run of their version of a crispy chicken teriyaki, which gives us more reason to drop by and hang.

All that glitters: Tetsuo’s campaign launch and party celebrates the addition of new clothes and food items. Next time you pay the space a visit, you might wanna try their fries and corn kakiage.

The night was filled with vibrant music as well, as Tetsuo is also known for showcasing fresh acts, with performances from Butta B, Meh Shua, LUZE, Pure Mind Quiet Heart, and AHJU$$I. I found myself adrift the buzz and commotion, while surrounded by fellow creatives.

“We wanted a concept that could transform Katipunan into something else, something interesting,” says co-founder Timmy Jacob. “We wanted Tetsuo to kind of be a ‘paradise’ in the middle of the city.” Thus, the campaign was born.

Keep it street: Those who were at the Tetsuo party came looking fresh. Even the boys of Perea Street paid a visit.

Since Katipunan is a university area, there are a lot of young individuals coming in and out of surrounding colleges, hopped up on creativity and passion. However, very few places offer to accommodate that specific energy, and Tetsuo aims to serve as a territory for open possibilities. As Timmy puts it, “We just wanted to communicate that Tetsuo is a place for cool things to happen.” Indeed, the night was very cool.


Tetsuo is located in 88 Esteban Abada St., Quezon City. Check out their Facebook or Instagram for updates on upcoming events.

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