The Sony Xperia XA1 is a phone that gets the job done

One sound piece of advice I carry with me is that a phone isn’t really yours until you customize it to suit your needs, and in many ways that’s true. Downloading the apps that suit your lifestyle, purchasing the necessary hardware for your profession — those are the acts that max out your smartphone’s potential, but there isn’t much point if the phone itself, the one you get fresh out the box, doesn’t excel with the basics. Enter the Sony Xperia XA1.

Let’s take a look at the specs: 3GB RAM, a five-inch touchscreen display and an easy-to-navigate interface. Options for connectivity include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G. Not to mention the fact that the rest of the machine boasts a ton of processing power and long battery life. The XA1 is a device that pretty much covers all the bases of what to look for in a smartphone, except it’s more jacked, so basic activities like messaging, using apps, and adjusting settings are a breeze.

Out of this world: One of the XA1’s camera effects makes use of augmented reality.

Where the XA1 really shines though is how good it is at taking pictures. 23 megapixel quality front and back cameras with hella fast autofocus. It also helps to mention that XA1’s built-in camera effects are pretty dang fun, and quirky enough to rival most Instagram and VSCO filters. We recommend the Harris Shutter to give your photos a touch of psychedelia, and the Motion Effects filter for whenever you feel like giving your selfie a little razzle dazzle. But sans effects, the camera by itself is capable of capturing crisp images in all their detail. It does pretty well in dim light too.

One might be tempted to say that Sony phones don’t represent the best that the gadget market has to offer, what with Samsung and Apple products and their unofficial reputation as the two biggest smartphone brands. But the XA1 possesses the characteristics that make any smartphone in the market effective and user-friendly, with its sleek, physical design and easy-to-navigate interface. The icing on the cake though is that the XA1 typically goes for about P12,000, so compared to its gadget contemporaries, the XA1 is like a technologically advanced bargain. It might also help to mention that while the Xperia range started off using the Windows Mobile OS, it has since moved onto Android, so you don’t have to worry about feeling out of place in terms of software.

Far out: The Harris Shutter is best used when either the phone or the subject of the shot are in motion.

If there are any downsides, it’s that the XA1 is a little bit bigger than, say, your average iPhone. But the screen is also taller, and it makes up for its length with how thin and un-clunky it feels in the hand and the pocket. And personally, as someone who’s used to fidgeting and popping out his phone’s battery, it feels weird that the XA1’s battery is non-removable, though I imagine that isn’t a problem for most people.

The XA1 is for anyone who feels like making a switch from Apple or Samsung, or cares deeply about documenting what’s happening, or is just looking for a simple, no-frills device that can get the job done. Shopping for a new smartphone doesn’t have to be a complicated affair, and this new offering by Sony is proof.


The Sony Xperia XA1 is available in all Sony stores nationwide. Sony Centres can be found in establishments such as Glorietta, Eastwood, and Festival Mall. For Xperia related inquiries, you can call (+632) 479-9777.

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