The South District food hall makes communal dining a fun affair

A seat at the table: This food hall caters to every group from families to barkadas. | Premium carvings from Chef T | Juju Eats finally finds its way to the south. | Photos by TIN SARTORIO

It’s not like there aren’t any great food places in the south. BF Paranque’s Aguirre Ave. is our own version of Kapitolyo and Maginhawa. Then there’s the occasional hidden gem in hubs like Molito (Yushoken, please) and Westgate Center. Let’s not forget about your best friend’s mom who makes the meanest pitcher of sangria. It’s no wonder south kids prefer to stay in on a weekend. But just because we’re satisfied with our choices here doesn’t mean we’ll say no to a real food treat.

Tucked away at the fourth floor of lifestyle mall Madison Galeries lies the newest food hall in Alabang — The South District. It houses seven stalls that serve great eats that we didn’t even think we needed. Our go-to comfort food gets a makeover by means of Bronx Fried Chicken’s boneless beer-battered “Brewsky” and extra crunchy “Notorious.” You may even enjoy them with a dip of your choice — gravy, taco cheese, sriracha ketchup, adobo or BBQ.  Dos Bandidos bring aligue shrimp, lechon and chorizo to the classic Fil-Mex tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. But their Queso de Bomba, croquettes filled with quezo de bola, might just be your new fave. Tix Mix has everything from Arabic to Indian to Persian food, while Chef T indulges our carnivore with premium carvings and sizzling dishes. Let’s not forget about Liquid Luck’s cocktails and soon-to-be available slushies.

Treat yourself: Seven food stalls complete the newest food hall in the South.
Locked and loaded: Fil-Mex nachos Dos Bandidos

Most southern kids are here for the much-anticipated opening of Nolita and Juju Eats though. Everyone knows the struggle to get out of the south is real (read: expensive), so it’s about time our fave New York-style eats and detox juices found their way on our side of the tollgate.

But more than just the food, what makes this food hall a real HOHOL contender is its overall ambiance. The South District is not made from a container van, and y’all know what that means: it’s fully air conditioned. Think your classic mall food court, but with a lot more style. It’s designed by the same person who did Gramercy 71, after all. From high bar stools to a cozy corner table for two, the communal dining hall is filled with a fun mix of furniture that can cater to every kind of foodie that walks in. It has a monochrome industrial look, but cute fixings (a monkey figurine holding a light bulb, anyone?) and comfy leatherette couches add the right amount of chill that makes the south, well, chill. The South District even has al fresco seating on the balcony for when you feel like taking in that cool south breeze at night. (It’s a thing. Go ahead, fight me.)

Our go-to comfort food gets a makeover by means of Bronx Fried Chicken’s beer-battered “Brewsky.”

The food hall is open ‘til 10 p.m. on weekdays and ‘til midnight on weekends. It makes for the perfect pre-game spot before heading to that house party in Alabang 400, Hillsborough, or Alabang Hills (which are a few meters away from Madison Galeries, BTW). But The South District can also be a perfect HOHOL destination on it’s own. The area is pretty laidback (it ain’t no Aguirre Ave.) and the food and drinks are great and plentiful. What more can you ask for?

The South District is located on the 4/F Madison Galeries, 398 Don Jesus Boulevard, Alabang Hills. For more information, follow them on Facebook


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