The stars of ‘Love Alarm’ discuss the many ways we profess our love

The stars of ‘Love Alarm’ discuss the many ways we profess our love

Even with technology that shows your true feelings, it’s still up to you to make it all happen.

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Editor’s note: Spoilers for Love Alarm ahead!


Netflix Original Series Love Alarm has been out since Aug. 22, which means we’ve all officially been sulking over that cliffhanger ending for about a week now. 

While a season two has yet to be confirmed, the original webtoon that the series was adapted from tells us that there’s still a lot in store for Jojo (Kim So-hyun), Sun-oh (Song Kang), and Hye-young (Jung Ga-ram) through their adult years. All we know so far is that season one only covers episodes one to 10 of the webtoon, which means that the next events will likely take place after then. 

So what do we do while waiting? For now, there’s always the option to spoil yourself by learning Korean and reading seasons one to seven on Daum (yup, no English translations are available). 

Or you know, you can tide yourselves over with some cute insider scoops from stars Kim So-hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga-ram, straight from their press conference in Seoul last Aug. 20. Who knows? Maybe their answers will clue us in on what to expect for season two. 

Ring ring: Love Alarm stars Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram, and Song Kang

On explaining the love alarm app to international fans 

Kim So-hyun: In our Korean culture, confessing your love to someone and having that love reciprocated is very important because once that is done you can move on to your actual relationship. I feel that maybe the viewers from other cultures may understand this application as something that can help people become lovers or get into a relationship with the help of these applications because confessing your love can be very difficult. It can be very difficult to express what you’re feeling in words.


On the original webtoon 

Jung Ga-ram: I was a huge fan of the original story. And even before the decision was made to create a Netflix Original Series, I always liked Hye-young. So, when I was offered the role and met with director Lee, I communicated very clearly how much I like the character. I shared with director Lee a lot of my interpretation of Hye-young’s thoughts and we shaped the character together for the series.


Song Kang: You have a fully-developed character of Sun-oh in the webtoon. I could refer to the webtoon for his appearance, but in terms of portraying who he is, I was always concerned that how I represent him might not be the same as how readers of the webtoon perceive this character or it might not be the right way to portray him. Sun-oh doesn’t talk very much—so I had to think about how to portray this character without saying much, and that’s why I tried my best to focus on his facial expressions that you get to glimpse at.

Song Kang on playing the role of Sun-oh: “Sun-oh doesn’t talk very much—so I had to think about how to portray this character without saying much”

On the similarities between them and their characters 

Kim So-hyun: There are aspects of Jojo that I thought were quite similar to me. Because I’ve played a lot of sad and depressed characters, a lot of viewers seem to have an impression of me as being reserved, quiet, and melancholic. Of course, there are parts of me that are like that, but I also am a very strong and resilient person inside. Jojo, likewise, may seem like someone who’s fragile and needs someone else to protect her, but she’s actually resilient inside. So I identified with her a lot in her strength and resilience, which made playing the character easier for me.


On the differences between them and their characters 

Song Kang: My character Sun-oh, he has a lot of emotional hurt from when he was very young so what he tries to do is mask his hurt inside. And he tries to seem tough and does whatever he wants and he really doesn’t express his feelings so I think that could be a little bit different from my personality and that he acts in whatever way he wishes and he tries to look tough.


Jung Ga-ram: My character Hye Young stands afar and keeps his distance from Jojo because of Sun-oh and doesn’t say what he really feels. But I think in real life, I would go straight for her. (laughs)

No holds barred: Jung Ga-ram is not like his ‘Love Alarm’ character Hye Young,

On their favorite lines 

Kim So-hyun: I like the line, “I won’t get crumpled.” I thought that line really expresses well who Jojo is. In the original webtoon, the scene actually has Sun-oh and Jojo sitting next to each other in a small alley when Sun-oh suddenly proposes that they kiss. And they start a conversation from there. That’s when the get to know each other better. I loved that scene. I was very excited to shoot the scene, and was excited in a different way from the way I felt about the scene in the webtoon.


Jung Ga-ram: I would choose the line that goes, To me, it’s all romance — because I’m doing it with you, because that encapsulates everything that Hye-young feels about Jojo.


Song Kang: I would choose a line from a scene where the friendship between Hye-young and Sun-oh is fractured. Sunoh says, “The choice is up to Kim Jojo,” and that was my favorite line.

Kim So-hyun: “I’ve played a lot of sad and depressed characters, a lot of viewers seem to have an impression of me as being reserved, quiet, and melancholic”

On how Koreans usually confess their love 

Song Kang: I think that it is confessing etiquette to meet the person face to face rather than confess your love over texts or on the phone. I feel that it’s better, or the right way, almost, to meet the person and confess your love. 


Kim So-hyun: I think that even though the act of confessing your feelings is something that could be very particular to Korean culture, I feel that these days you say “from today we’re going to be boyfriend and girlfriend’’ so I don’t think that it’s a concept that is too foreign among cultures.



You can catch the first season of ‘Love Alarm’ on Netflix.

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