This musical explains scientific concepts through human relationships

This musical explains scientific concepts through human relationships

A song cycle about the beauty of connection — with a bit of geekery.

Person A walks at a rate of x, while Person B walks at a rate of x — if their destination is x kilometers away, who’ll get there first? Isn’t it funny that for every Physics problem, the characters are just always called Person A or Person B? Sometimes they have generic names like Jen or John, walking, running, or riding a train running 20 kph, and we’re always asked for some sort of an answer: a value, a tangible number that quantifies an otherwise mundane human experience of getting to Point A to Point B. Relatively speaking, that is the purpose of science: to make sense of what we do, but it’s rare that we see these concepts in scenarios we know: the feeling pressure from your family, being asked out for the first time, fitting in, growing out of friendships, and growing up.

Ateneo Blue Repertory, now on its 28th season, puts the human connection in all its forms (and formulas) front and center with the song cycle The Theory of Relativity. Told through a collection of songs and monologues, the show explores how we’re all interconnected in one way or another. 

The Theory of Relativity” exists in the intersection of science and relationships, with each song building on scientific concepts with shared experiences like love, family troubles, and finding your truth. It follows a song cycle format, where each song stands on its own , generously lends itself to the purpose of the piece: to explain complicated textbook definitions with the most human of stories, and as varied as those stories could be, hone these as a collective experience.   “The beauty about [the show] is the experiences discussed and the stories being unraveled through the song cycle are actually things that are happening to the cast, right now,” says director Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan. Talk about relativity.



Ateneo Blue Repertory’s The Theory of Relativity runs from September 12 to 29 at the FA Black Box Theater, Ateneo de Manila University. For ticket details, visit their Facebook page or their Instagram.


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