This tax assistance platform is all you need to make #adulting easier

No one taught me this in college,” I whispered to myself as I cluelessly applied for my TIN (Tax Identification Number) in 2015. Paying taxes was hardly a part of our college curriculum. It’s one of those things that the world expects everyone to automatically know once we get out of our togas.

With that in mind, learning that we have to spend 186 hours and process 16 forms just to file our taxes is a bit overwhelming. Filing taxes has always been… taxing… for everyone. Puns aside, as a freelancer myself, it’s hard to bookkeep your accounts when you’re too busy booking projects for yourself.

To help us with our adulting needs is Taxumo, an online DIY tax assistance platform for registered solo entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and freelancers. Through their website, young professionals can be more hands on with their taxes, given that the website’s interface is very simple and easy to understand. All you need to do is input your income and expenses, and their system will immediately compute your tax dues. That includes your month percentages sales tax, your quarterly income tax and soon, even your annual income taxes. Taxumo will also remind you when you’ll be needing to pay your taxes, immediately saving you time and several trips to the BIR.

With just a few clicks, Taxumo makes life much easier with its accessible and affordable subscription plans, too. “With our affordable subscription plans which enables access to the many features on the platform, we hope everyone can begin to focus more on their passion and worry less about their taxes,” ends EJ Arboleda, founder and chief executive officer of Taxumo.

Taxes aren’t necessarily a burden. If anything, they actually help keep this country together. So remember to keep your receipts close and Taxumo closer.

You can visit their website and their Facebook page for more details about their services.

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