This three-day workshop will teach you how to shoot like a pro

Travelling is a good reminder that everyone sees things differently. A mountaintop can look like a bird’s head for one person, and a random blob for another. Don’t get us started on the million different arguments about cloud formations. When travelling, we’re presented by the same environment, but our experiences and imagination take us to places beyond what is in front of our very eyes.

Shutterpanda’s second Trails workshop on photography and creativity will teach you how translate your wildest imaginations into concrete photographs. Happening on July 21-23, the three-day travel workshop will cover topics from the tricky night sky photography to a more experimental photomanipulation session. The best thing about it? You won’t be stuck inside the four walls of a boring classroom, as the workshop will take place in Dipaculao and Baler, Aurora.

Imagine waking up at the Diguisit Rock Formations to catch the sunrise and spending the night stargazing by the sea. The only thing missing is the perfect post-summer soundtrack to cap off a perfect creative weeknight (we’re sure they’ll provide that too). As with any travel getaway, it’s best enjoyed with friends. Trails is offering group packages until July 8, if you fancy bringing a fellow aspiring photographer or a pal who just want to get away (and maybe get new IG pics while they’re at it).

Photos courtesy of Shutterpanda Photography

For more information and reservations, visit Trails’ event page or Shutterpanda’s Facebook page. Slots go for P8,750 per person. Group deals are available until July 8.

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