This year’s Fete Indie Stage boasted a sonically diverse lineup

Photos by Kenneth Aballa

The cool thing about Fete de la Musique is the gig-hopping aspect of the whole event. Granted you can brave through evening traffic to get to where you want to go, you can treat yourself to what’s basically a musical buffet of different genres and styles. But not everybody can do that, and some people really prefer to rock out at single venue.

Thank goodness for Fete de la Musique’s Indie stage which, despite the somewhat limiting “indie” label, boasted a lineup of acts of different genres and styles, from math rock to folk to funk. One can be forgiven for equating the “indie” term with a particular sound, but it’s pretty safe to say that whoever came this year’s Fete Indie stage had been disillusioned in the best way.

This is my favorite place: Rusty Machines, Ang Bandang Shirley, and Nick Lazaro of Moonwlk fire up the indie stage crowd.

Among the acts that graced this year’s stage include: Manila Magic, the electronic duo and opening act; the ever charming Rusty Machines; the ubiquitously loved Ang Bandang Shirley; Reese Lansangan, performing hits from her latest EP “Of Sound Mind and Memory;” and the fast-emerging soul and jazz-inspired Banna Harbera. One highlight of the show was seeing Nick Lazaro of Moonwlk fame join Musical O to sing one of the latter band’s oldest songs, “M.O.,” in what must’ve been to some a mind-blowing “Wow they know each other!” moment that showed how closely woven the indie scene can sometimes be.

The gig was held at Century City Mall, at an indoor glass-enclosed space opposite of where 12 Monkeys used to stand. Manning the sound quality of a sonically diverse gig presents its own challenges, but this year’s acoustics for Fete Indie were consistenly bangin’ throughout the whole night. The availability of Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels certainly helped.

#FeteIndie2017 was overall a show to remember, and one would be remiss to expect anything less from the likes of Docdef Productions, Gabi Na Naman Productions, and Vandals on the Wall. Events like Fete de la Musique should serve to remind music lovers that local music is so much bigger than we think it is. But the indie stage was a fantastic place from which to start.

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