Our thoughts while watching the ‘Ulan’ trailer

Our thoughts while watching the ‘Ulan’ trailer

Tikbalang! Nadine Lustre and Carlo Aquino! Magic stuff!


Oh damn. Oh damn this movie’s got poems. Also, ang arte ng translation ng “dala” to “tidings.”



Folklore! Tikbalangs!!! Oh God, when this movie comes out, we’re all going to have that whole conversation on social media again about how Philippine culture isn’t a monomyth, alibata isn’t the only language of precolonial Philippines, and how the idea of our precolonial ancestors being the purest iteration of Filipino identity is just incorrect, blah blah blah. The discursive habits of Manileño Twitter are so easy to read. Anyway, cool, horseheads.



Okay, I gotta see this movie.


Nadine Lustre’s so pretty. I don’t know what it is. She looks like the childhood friend who was super friendly when the both of you were small and you were juvenile and mean, and then she moved away, and now she’s super successful, and she’s still kind and good but she doesn’t think of you at all. That kind of pretty.






Ang arte ng “quash.”



Wow they’re only busting out the VIVA films title card now? They don’t usually come in this late right? Is this the actual start of the trailer? So what were the last 98 seconds? PREAMBLE???



Right this is the screenshot that was going around last year! The University of the Philippines is really having a moment, huh.






I have no idea what this movie is going for, tonally, but okay. Love stories with magic stuff in it. I’m down.

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