Three Ben&Ben x Clara Benin mash-ups that we’d love to hear at Karpos Live Mix 2.2

Ever wondered what a Ben&Ben x Clara Benin collab would sound like? A puddle of feelings, maybe? Or could it be the sound of an actual heart breaking?

The two acoustic acts have since given us the answer to that question, courtesy of a video where they performed a version of Sugarfree’s Burnout (ft. Ebe Dancel) to hype their joint Karpos Live gig on October 6. Karpos is bringing both acts to Vertis Tent, Quezon City as part of Mix 2.2, and we’re already preparing our tissue boxes for the waterworks that are sure to come.

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Since this round is still a Karpos Live Mix, both artists will be performing separate 90-minute sets. This means that a possible live collab isn’t likely, but that isn’t stopping us from dreaming of possible mash-ups of their original songs. Here are three songs from Ben&Ben and Clara that we think would sound awesome as mash-ups.

Closure x Kathang Isip

As certified hugot hits, both songs are about one person who isn’t over another person. Closure has more of a hopeful tone, while Kathang Isip sounds more apologetic. We imagine this as an alternating back and forth between the two acts, as Clara’s soft voice and delicate guitar riffs would match Ben&Ben’s signature folk-pop vibes.

Easy x Sunrise

Easy is one of Clara’s more upbeat songs, would sound great as the background to a teen movie of the early ‘00s, while Sunrise is the perfect accompaniment for a roadtrip film. Put them together and you’ll have the title song for a perfect movie soundtrack.

Parallel Universe x Leaves

Getting over a relationship isn’t easy, and both of these songs have that same essence (think of that piano in Leaves over the echoey guitar in Parallel Universe!).  Leaves has a bit of a chipper feel to it thanks to Paolo and Miguel’s vocals and the glimmer of hope in the line “All will be alright in time”. Parallel Universe, meanwhile, leans into sadder territory (“I put myself to blame/I let you get away), but echoes the same message (“In a parallel universe/Where timing is kind to us/ Maybe we would be alright”).

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