Three essential workout tips for when you finally decide to recommit to an active lifestyle

Three essential workout tips for when you finally decide to recommit to an active lifestyle

Shout-outs to everybody cramming their fitness goals for summer.

When getting ready to work out, comfort is one of the things you’d naturally consider first. I mean, you’re already putting in the effort to get in shape, so why suffer through any extra, unnecessary pain? We round up three workout essentials to help you achieve your fitness goals just in time for summer.

Fitness Friends

Anyone who’s ever done a group workout knows that the key to a good sweat sesh is a fun class, and the team of Plana Forma knows exactly how to achieve that. While they specialize in barre techniques, their classes aren’t intimidating thanks to the cheerful instructors and beginner-friendly modifications. And with all that positive energy in the room, you won’t even notice you’ve been working your butt off for the past 60 minutes. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can visit their new studio in Alabang and experience the kind of energy the south has to offer. — Tin Sartorio

Fresh kicks

With the new Skechers Sport collection, you can sweat it out in comfort while still looking cute. The collection features Air Cooled Memory Foam Insoles that contour to your foot shape while staying cool and breathable. It was designed to be the perfect workout shoe after all. Choose from a variety of styles for men and women — knitted uppers and soft mesh, plus a variety of colors ranging from the classic black and gray, to the more standout pink and maroon. — Gaby Gloria


Sometimes working out isn’t enough. It pays to push yourself to your limit and reach greater heights or even the world stage. Bench Active flew in two Olympic gold medalists to walk at the Bench Fashion Week and to do a bit of a demo at the first Bench Active Sports Clinic held at Kerry Sports earlier this week. Gymnast Arthur Nory and swimmer Conor Dwyer started training at an early age and both encountered trials that could have stopped them from competing. But resilience won and now they’re two of the biggest stars in their own respective sports. — Maine Manalansan


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