Three merienda pairings you can only get at Manam Cafe

Three merienda pairings you can only get at Manam Cafe

Get on that calamansi tart like, right now.

Art by Mags Ocampo


You know what we don’t talk about enough? Filipino desserts. We all already know that adobo rocks, sinigang is the king of comfort foods, and that nothing beats the combo of sisig and an ice-cold beer. But why don’t we give as much love and hype to the sweet confections of Filipino cuisine? Buko pie, ensaymada… I’d like to see those dishes taking over the global stage, or at least more of my friends foregoing sorbets and red velvet cupcakes for homegrown treats.

I didn’t realize I was neglecting Filipino desserts until I got to visit the new Manam Cafe branch in Podium, apparently the third in the city. Honestly, why didn’t my sweet-tooth, coffee-guzzling self catch wind of this earlier? Manam Cafe basically features the Manam menu with everything you love in it, plus a richer selection of drinks, desserts and merienda options. We suggest you keep your dish-anddrink pairings in mind when you visit the cafe to cheat on your diet.

Buko Pie + Cafe Latte

Coconut-flavored anything just slaps; we all know this. But there’s something about Manam Cafe’s buko pie that makes it a cut above any other buko pie you’ve had. It could be the crust that gives each slice just the right amount of crunch, or the salty milk they serve on the side that further enriches the pie’s sweetness. They serve it by the slice, but you could give me a whole pie and I’d make that thing disappear. Pair this with their light and fluffy cafe latte and you’ll be floating.

Ensaymada chorizo burger + Namnam Halo Halo

Maybe you’re in the mood for something heavier, more decadent. The ensaymada chorizo burger is practically a square meal in its own right. Think: an ensaymada sliced like a sandwich with a chorizo patty and a sunny side egg in the middle. It’s basically perfect for breakfast, though I contend any time of the day is a good time for a sunny-side egg. (Also, shout-outs to chorizo, a criminally underrated meat.) Fully commit to a large meal with a namnam halo-halo, everybody’s favorite cold treat with the works.

Calamansi Tart + Ube Sago Shake

Every one of Manam Cafe’s desserts is delicious, but we gotta say, the calamansi tart might be the menu’s MVP. Just the right amount of sour and sweet with graham cracker crust you can really sink into, and a dollop of whip cream on the side to offset the tang as you please. Have that with the thicc (with two “c”s) ube sago shake, and you’ll really have something to chew on. Treat your palette to this pairing after a helping of University Fried Rice.


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