Three pastries you need to try at Pablo’s

Of all the crazy things happening in the world right now, at least one good bit of news comes to us: Pablo is now in Manila. The famed bakery from Japan is known for selling a selection of desserts and sweets, beloved by both locals and foreign tourists alike. (Basically, you can’t miss a trip to Tokyo or Osaka without toting your favorite Pablo dessert in your hand carry.) In fact, their bestselling cheese tarts are so popular that Pablo actually sells one cheese tart every seven seconds.

Now that they’re in Manila, Pablo’s excellent selection of cheese tarts, cake and sabrel cheese cookies is just a quick car ride away. Pablo’s new store happens to be at Bonifacio High Street, and when we dropped by, the lines were already pretty long. So in case you need a quick cheat sheet on what to get on your first Pablo Manila visit, here’s some of our personal favorites:


Pablo’s signature product is always freshly made, and has a crisp crust with a soft, creamy center. During our last visit to Japan, we tried this out: a vanilla ice cream sandwich we bought at the supermarket. Trust us: worth the calories.


The sabrel cheese cookies come in three flavors: classic cheese, matcha, and black. The classic has a combination of a Parmesan cheese cookie base with Gouda cheese as the filling. The matcha variety has mascarpone cream cheese, while the cookie itself is infused with matcha. The black version’s cream filling is made from Gouda cheese and truffle salt, while its cookie is made from bamboo charcoal and black cocoa. Once you eat one, you won’t stop.


Of course, the cute and addictive mini cheese tarts are must-trys at Pablo. With plain, chocolate and matcha varieties, the mini cheese tart has something to offer for everyone. Next time your high school friends organize a house party, you don’t have to look any further for your potluck contribution. (Unless, of course, you eat it all before you get there.)


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