Three ways that you can express your love (even if it’s not Valentine’s Day)

Three ways that you can express your love (even if it’s not Valentine’s Day)

Give love everyday with the Starbucks Brights Collection.

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Love is patient, love is kind. Love is the feeling that comes when your brain is all doped up on serotonin and dopamine. And though Valentine’s Day may have already passed, and all the heart-shaped ornaments may have already been taken down, love is love, no matter the time of the year. Who’s to say that you can only be sweet and cheesy on Feb. 14, right?

Here are a few things that you can do to show your love to everyone, even if there’s no special occasion.


Tell them
There’s really no simpler way to express your love than to say it. A simple “I love you” message would be more than enough to make someone’s day. Put your heart on your sleeve and be that person who just openly shares their love to everyone. If you’re a little bit scared of saying these words out loud, how about you write it on a note and stick it on a mug of coffee? Plus points for effort.


Be there for them
It doesn’t matter if it’s an extravagant date or just a simple catching up over a cup of coffee. Visit your sister who you haven’t seen in a while, go on a date night with your girlfriend, or surprise your mom at work. Got a friend who’s been gloomy lately? Call her up and tell her that you will always be there for her. At the end of the day, it’s your presence that’s important, even if you’re not physically there.


Shower them with gifts
So you’re the type of person who just likes to give gifts. You’re that cousin who’s always armed with perfectly-wrapped gifts during the holidays, and you like how your loved ones just light up when they open them. This time, how about some colorful tumblers? Whoever it is you’re giving a gift to — your mom, you childhood best friend, your crush, or even your favorite professor — the new Starbucks Brights Collection is a good bet.



The Starbucks Brights Collection includes 12 oz. stainless steel tumblers in six colors (Cherry, Sunset, Lemon, Spring, Ocean, Grape) and the Brights Love Card. You can get the tumblers for P1,425 each, and the Brights Love Card for an initial activation amount of P500. For more information, follow Starbucks Philippines on Instagram.


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