PayMaya’s new campaign shows how millennials own the working world

Selfie-empowerment: Joining PayMaya’s millennial fambam is Ava Te-Zabat, Wiji Lacsamana, Jappy Agoncillo, Louis Faure, and Alyssa Valdez. | Photos by Kitkat Pajaro

It’s no secret by now that older generations (a.k.a. our parents and their cohorts) often think of us in an unflattering light — lazy and entitled — without stuttering or even batting an eyelash. To them, what critics say about our generation is fact and we’re now left with the task (among our already mounting pile of things to do) to prove otherwise.

Conquering this challenge can often get tiring and lonely. PayMaya, the company that is singlehandedly making the concept of credit cards easier and more accessible to young people like us, recently launched a campaign that brings together millennials and empowers them to go beyond the stereotypes. According to PayMaya, it’s about time we show them the multi-faceted individuals we’re meant to be.

The campaign, titled “Millennials Beyond The Selfie,” was launched last April 27 at Pineapple Lab in Makati. The campaign’s goal is to put the spotlight on the digital generation, and to spark deeper conversations and help debunk these stereotypes. “Through the ‘Millennials Beyond The Selfie’ campaign, we endeavor to communicate that there’s more to this generation than meets the eye. They have inspiring stories to tell that can motivate others to achieve bigger goals and make a difference,” said PayMaya Philippines marketing and brand head Sharon Kayanan.

Alyssa Valdez and Jappy Agoncillo interprets going beyond the selfie through art.

And what better way to start debunking these stereotypes of lazy, impulsive, spoiled and shallow than by introducing ambassadors who embody the complete opposite of these words? As they were called onstage, they took off the paper bags labeled with stereotypes that were covering their faces. This symbolized the change that PayMaya wants to spearhead and the millennial ambassadors were revealed to be Alyssa Valdez, the phenom with a purpose; Louis Faure, the expat community builder; the TNC Pro Team, Philippine eSports champions; Gael Hilotin, the Pinay solo backpacker; Jappy Agoncillo, the mural master; Ava Te-Zabat, the artsy mom; and Wiji Lacsamana, the online jill of all trades.

To coincide with the launch of the campaign, PayMaya also mounted an art show with pieces by their ambassadors, which showed how they interpreted the campaign of going beyond the selfie. Alyssa’s was a collage of her volleyball photos juxtaposed with her working at Ally’s All Day Breakfast, a business she co-owns, accompanied by coffee grounds in the shape of a volleyball to show her two passions. Louis’s artwork depicted his unconventional personal cause — which was coming to the Philippines and becoming a farmer and community developer — by rendering the famous Eiffel Tower from his home country of France in eggshells. Ava, on the other hand, created a flatlay of her accomplishments as a mom and a career woman, proving that one doesn’t have to choose between the two. Jappy, on the other hand, created a mural that showed that while selfies are integral to millennial culture, it doesn’t always mean that this generation is shallow. Wiji showed that one’s interests and career path doesn’t have to follow a single track, with her artwork showing an original watercolor tattoo design along with her original fragrances. Gael’s was a map of the Philippines with instax photos of the places she’s visited pinned and connected together with yarn; she’s proud to have visited all of the country’s 81 provinces. Lastly, TNC’s platform also showcased their accomplishments with a trophy they won, showing that “DotA boys” have hopes and aspirations, too.

As time goes by, it’s becoming clear that millennials aren’t a one-track kind of generation, and this shows in the kind of work we do and advocacies we uphold. Having a lot on our plate doesn’t mean that we’re impulsive, or that we don’t have any clear goals. It just means that we don’t want to be pushed down a traditional path — and you won’t know that until you look beyond the selfies.

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