These Tim Hortons coffee-and-snack pairings will help you finish the year strong

The beginning of the “ber” months is always an exciting time. Are you playing catch-up with your New Year’s resolutions or are you already prepping to make 2019 your best year yet? Regardless of how far you’ve come with achieving your 2018 goals, a little boost never hurt nobody. Just take it from our fave Tim Hortons.

The Canadian coffee chain always has our back, serving coffee that’s blended and roasted to perfection, and now they’re also serving us tasty treats like sandwiches and baked goods to fill us up during the holiday rush. So whether you’re looking for something to perk you up or to keep you going to finish the year strong, here are some Tim Hortons coffee and food pairings you can try:

All perked up: Tim Hortons treats include secret menu blends and tasty timbits.

For when you’re having a rough day

Nothing beats the Canadian classic combo of original blend Tim Hortons coffee (made from 100-percent Arabica beans) with maple dip donut when it comes to turning a bad day around. If want to take it up a notch, make it a double double (original blend with two servings of sugar and cream) and indulge with an old fashioned glazed donut — or two. Who’s judging, anyway?

For when you’re in a celebratory mood

No official occasion? No worries. There’s always a reason to feel giddy with every Tim Hortons run. An order of the red velvet latte and apple fritter combo will make you feel like it’s Christmas all year round while the iced latte and birthday cake Timbits pairing makes any day feel like it’s your special day.

For when you’re pulling an all-nighter

We’ll let you in on a secret: there’s a signature Tim Hortons coffee with an extra shot of espresso for when you need a lil’ boost. Just ask for the red eye iced capp from the secret menu and add a triple chocolate muffin while you’re at it. You can thank us later.

For when the holiday rush kicks in

While it’s tempting to go into vacation mode, the holiday season also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Planning Christmas reunions? Cramming deadlines before your trip? Best to recharge with Tim Hortons iced coffee and a filling grilled cheese panini or chicken ciabatta. After all, you’ll need all that energy to finish your holiday shopping.


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