Top stylists Bea Constantino and Rex Atienza share some tips on wearing color.

We’ve all heard the saying that having a personal uniform has its benefits for productivity. It lessens decision fatigue and creates a streamlined, signature look. Steve Jobs had his iconic Issey Miyake turtlenecks and Levi’s 501 jeans, while Mark Zuckerberg has his gray shirts shot out of a cannon in his closet. Even I wrote about creating a personal uniform for this section some time ago.

But that’s for the everyday stuff. What if you’ve got some extra time in the morning and are (in the famous words of Google), feeling lucky? Some days just require a little more fun than a totally normcore outfit. For these days, try spicing things up with some color. But how, since you’re already so used to mindlessly picking up the same black tee from your cabinet day in, day out? (I may be talking to myself here.)

Well, today is your — and mine too, I guess — lucky day. Recently, Uniqlo unveiled the new collection of its U line, known for its bold colors and distinct silhouettes. Designed by Cristophe Lemaire and his team in the brand’s Paris R&D center, the U line has become a favorite among colorful and monochromatic fashionistas alike. And to help ease in the hue-phobic folks into trying out some of these looks (again, talking to myself here), Uniqlo invited stylists Bea Constantino and Rex Atienza to give out some sage style tips.

Jump into the rainbow: Stylists Bea Constantino and Rex Atienza demonstrate how to mix and match Uniqlo U’s new colorful collection.

Ease into the rainbow
The Uniqlo U collection has a lot of capital-Bbold colors, and if you’re the type to shy away from anything within the realm of saturation, Bea says it’s best to ease yourself into it. “They have colors (that aren’t too loud), to kind of ease you into the whole color spectrum, if you’re not a splash-of-color kind of person.” The collection includes a number of earth tones along with easy-to-pair mustard, teal and salmon, among others.


Don’t be afraid to layer
Yes, even in this hot, tropical and sweaty mess that is the Philippines. Just make sure to choose lightweight options: there’s a doozy selection of breathable cotton and some airy linens to get you through the heat. If a jacket is a must for your look, then the windbreakers (which are made of a very thin fabric) is a good choice. But, a useful tip from Bea is that your layers should actually be functional and not just there for style points: “If it’s raining, (it should really) protect you from the rain. But also (choose something that’s) easy to stow away, easy to keep.” If you have a full day ahead, make sure you can commit to the outfit.


The devil is in the details
Sometimes getting some color into your wardrobe just isn’t enough to stand out. When working with essential pieces like T-shirts and jeans, the key to setting yourself apart is all in the details. For example, choose an interesting silhouette. Rex recommends the oversized, loose-fitting pieces that are the mood this season: “It’s the new silhouette that everyone’s pushing for: wide silhouettes, boxy silhouettes.” Bea adds: “Let’s say if it’s a T-shirt, I like an oversized detail. It’s understated but there’s a strong detail about it.” Gotta keep those eyes sharp.

The full Uniqlo U collection is available at the Uniqlo Manila Global Flagship store in Glorietta 5, Makati City. For more information, visit and follow them on Instagram at @uniqlophofficial.


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