The trailer for Ben&Ben’s first movie is out and here’s what we think

When we first heard the news that  a movie with a full Ben&Ben soundtrack was in the works, we got super curious. Would it be an all-out musical like Rak of Aegis or Ang Huling El Bimbo? Or would it be more like Music and Lyrics? The trailer featuring the leads, Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos, and everyone’s favorite super group Ben&Ben is finally out and here are some thoughts.



Ya girl got at least P250 for busking! Wow that’s more than the average per-article rate of a staff writer in a local major publication.



Ben&Ben’s Ride Home really sounds like it came straight out of the Brave soundtrack. No complaints here. 



Eh bakit kasi di mo na lang gawing hobby yang pagkanta-kanta mo.” EXCUSE ME, SIR. If Sarah G treated singing as a hobby, then we wouldn’t have Tala or Kilometro. If Ally Maine, just considered performing a hobby, then a star wouldn’t have been born. Think about it!!!



I’m a sucker for iyak sa hagdanan scenes. You get the solitude, you get a seat (lots of them, really) and you can really let your feelings out without judgement. God, I really hope she sings.



Eep, ya boi is stuck in the friendzone. You know what they say, a “best friend” is just a good excuse to landi (or just act like boyfriend and girlfriend) without the commitment because you actually like someone else. I’m not saying that it’s applicable to all, but again, THINK ABOUT IT. 



I KNEW IT. Wait, is that Wendil



The sign behind Khalil says “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” She is taken. 



Lol I thought it was Gabbi Garcia onstage. Someone give Miguel and Paolo a shampoo commercial. 



I love Singapore Gardens by the Bay.



You can see here that they’re at a music festival called Marahuyo. A quick Google search tells us that it translates to “beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect.” It lead me to a Pinterest set of ~the most beautiful words in Filipino~. If you’re looking for music festival names, I guess you know where to go. 



Is that Tuesday Vargas??? This movie is already looking great.



In what cinematic universe does a Ben&Ben show look this bare??? This is not believable!



The movie’s coming out in September as part of Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. Time to save up so you can ask your “””best friend””” out. Bring a pink teddy bear (or better yet, win it at World of Fun) for good luck. 


Watch the trailer for LSS below. 

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