Traveling through time at the Johnnie Walker Vintage Design Pack launch

Traveling through time at the Johnnie Walker Vintage Design Pack launch

We partied like it’s 1999 — and a few other yesteryears.

Photos by Cru Camara and Telle Ramos


I have a very controversial confession to make: I am not a fan of themed parties. This may come as a shock and you may judge me on this very polarizing opinion, but I simply prefer either a chill evening with friends or a night of no-fuss-no-muss dancing out on the town. I’ll admit that the idea of a themed party is fun, but when I get there, I just wanna leave. So when we got wind that Johnnie Walker was throwing a themed party for the launch of its Vintage Design Pack Collection, I was skeptical. 

Well, let me tell you that my first reaction upon stepping into the party was that I was completely wrong about themed parties. Maybe the ones I had gone to before weren’t up to scratch, but really, it’s because nobody throws a party like Johnnie. 

The main room featured LED screens on the dance floor and the DJ’s booth that brought the throwback theme to the modern age

After alighting at the penthouse of the Makati City Alphaland tower, there were racks filled with vintage-looking clothes free for anyone to wear at the party (in case you were a themed party pooper like me who showed up sans themed attire). I mean, the party was called “Party like it’s 19XX,” after all. Later on, I found out that the party had mini-themes under its main throwback theme, to reflect the three designs of the new Vintage Design Packs for Johnnie Walker Red, Black, Double Black and Gold Label.

The party launched Johnnie Walker’s Vintage Design Pack Collection, which features new designs for its Red, Black, Double Black, and Gold Label bottles.

The main room was a classic interpretation of the jazz age, updated for 2019 with a resplendent LED dance floor and matching screen at the DJ booth. Down the hall was a secret-library-slash-photo booth manned by Andrea Beldua that harkened back to the prohibition era. In the next room was a more contemporary throwback, a ’90s-themed room filled with screens showing MTV and Cartoon Network programming. The best thing was in the middle of the room: a buffet — no, a grazing table — of childhood candy. On the side was a mini bar that served highballs in red solo cups — kla$$y (in the best kind of way). Just outside the ’90s room was a lab-looking bar, replete with white fluorescent lights, tiles, flasks and test tubes. Recent World Class Philippines winner David Abalayan and Nitro 7 were serving up coffee-infused cocktails strong enough to jolt your entire being.

Bringing the house down: Legendary DJ Nicky Siano and August Wahh were among stellar line-up of performers at Johnnie Walker’s “Party like it’s 19XX.”

Later in the evening, the party moved back into the main room for performances by CRWN and August Wahh and Jess Connelly, and DJ sets by Emel Rowe and Samantha Nicole. The highlight of the dance floor, however, was headliner Nicky Siano, the former resident DJ of New York’s Studio 54. To say that Johnnie Walker’s lineup for the night was legendary is an understatement. I mean, if all themed parties were like this — heck, if all parties were Johnnie Walker parties — I’d be there with no hesitation. I might even dress up for it. 


The Johnnie Walker Vintage Design Pack Collection will be available at P659 (Red), P1,399 (Black), P1,599 (Double Black) and P1,499 (Gold Label) at supermarkets nationwide until supplies last. For more information, follow @johnniewalkerph on Instagram.

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