Two years in the business and Acceler8 shows no signs of slowing down

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Entering Acceler8’s Paseo branch can feel a bit dizzying at first, and for the socially averse, a little claustrophobic. Beyond the reception desk, it’s hard to pinpoint where to look next in the throng of chairs, tables, and professionals typing away on their laptops. Beyond, one could make out the tenants tucked within their clear-walled offices, busy with their own share of tasks and meetings.

Despite the busy atmosphere, however, it never devolves into the crowd-like, suffocating frenzy akin to a mob of mall-goers or large groups at a park. Instead, it brings in something more electrifying, and in a good way, too. And while everyone’s doing their own thing, you get the sense that they’re not closed off from each other either that with the right circumstances, they’d be up and about working with each other as well.

It’s a fitting way to describe Acceler8 in general, and as it celebrates its second year in the industry, it’s gotten all the more resonant. Acceler8, after all, is a company that has built itself on connection, literally speaking. Founders Mikko Barranda, Carlo Coronel, Bryant Cuison, and Albert Goh made use of their individual expertise to create the business. And while Acceler8 was born out of an emerging need for more flexible workplaces, its heart lies in fostering real connections.

Happy seconds: Acceler8’s sense of community actually delves beyond the professional aspects and into more familial territory.

This drive for connection, not surprisingly, is at the forefront of all its achievements within the past two years. Aside from founding its second branch, other notable milestones include exclusive operation of Clock In, Ayala Land Offices’ first co-working space; and a partnership with vOffice that ensures privileged access to local vOffice branches, and passport access to vOffice branches around Asia. It’s also this sensibility that reflects on the anniversary program, with speakers from partner companies coming in to share about topics from their fields of expertise. Collaboration knows no bounds, after all, especially when followed by a good round of socials.

But more than this, Acceler8’s sense of community actually delves beyond the professional aspects and into more familial territory. Working in its space doesn’t just make you a regular co-worker; you become family. Visible in its array of events and friendly community managers, Acceler8 is not just somewhere to work, but a place to belong to.

And on its second anniversary, this is something it aptly revisits.


To learn more about Acceler8, visit their website and Facebook page.

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