Uniqlo’s new t-shirt collection allows you to wear different facets of the Filipino experience

For a designer, there’s nothing more satisfying than eavesdropping on the processes of your idols. It’s easy to make things look pretty when you have access to design resources, but what makes a designer truly stand out is their perspective and purpose in doing the work that they do. Uniqlo gave us this opportunity with their recently concluded design talks featuring their newest collaborators: Gian Wong, Inksurge, Jeffrey Jay Jarin and And a Half. These designers were tasked to translate the Filipino experience into shirt designs, and what they came up with is  nothing short of cute and meaningful.

In classic Inksurge fashion, they took inspiration from folk art found on jeepneys. Gian Wong’s bold lettering immortalized the resilience of Filipinos, while Jeffrey Jay Jarin’s minimal illustrations reflect the flora and fauna found in the country. And A Half chose a more playful approach with their play on words (Lobong lobo, balloon wolves — genius). While they were all given the same brief, they all took it on differently, kind of like how each Filipinos has their own sensibility.

According to Jeffrey, having this collaboration opens more doors for creatives in the region, which we agree with. Uniqlo’s previous artist collaborators include Paulina Ortega (Philippines), Nikicio (Indonesia), Greyhound (Thailand), and OwnMuse (Singapore), among others. And we’re sure that this line won’t be the end of many inspiring collabs.


Check out the current Uniqlo UT Feel the Sea collection below:

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