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Your first job or internship, much like any other beginner experience, can never be without its hitches. Even the best of us have made small (or, gulp, particularly cringe-worthy) mistakes that, in the long run, have become lifelong lessons we swear by. We’re often made to learn on the job because, let’s face it, there are just some things they never teach us in school.

The team behind social enterprise YGOAL are all too aware of this gap in knowledge, and in celebration of their fourth anniversary, they’re launching YGOAL University. YGOAL is one of the organizers of the BPI SHAPE Business and Academic Fair, along with the BPI Foundation and Department of Education. This series of one-day workshops, aimed at young professionals, fresh graduates, and senior high school students, centers on different skills and topics that would be of great use to advance careers, business, and adult life in general.

The aim of the program is to establish a venue for further education, to foster growth and a deeper understanding of certain processes and fields. Participants can learn new skills, meet new people, and maximize their potential with great opportunities in an open, collaborative, and creative environment.

And it’s not just brochure talk, either. YGOAL has partnered up with four start-ups to facilitate these classes: Dialogue, Participation, and Partnerships (DPP), Powerhouse Consultants, Gava, and Roots Katipunan.

The offered courses cover a good range of relevant and future-facing topics, such as coaching and leading teams and fostering gender equality. There’s also strategic project implementation for businesses, which includes monitoring and evaluation, data management, and market research. You can learn about crowdfunding and government partnerships as well.  

If you’re not too tech-savvy, there are workshops on using technology to further your work, such as database management and internet literacy. And if you took a practical math class in college and all the serious accounting stuff flew over your head, they’ve even got workshops on taxes.

Training will be both theoretical and hands-on, and they eventually plan to branch out to other topics. Really, it’s an affordable way to stay ahead and keep yourself sharp — and since each class only takes place within a day, you can easily fit them into your schedule. It’s never been easier to do what you love.

YGOAL University launches this October and will hold one workshop a month, with the first class being “Fund Generation and Crowdfunding: Raising Funds in the Millennial Era.” Visit YGOAL’s website for more details.

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