Victoria’s Secret angels Lais Ribeiro and Romee Strijd share their beauty secrets

Victoria’s Secret angels Lais Ribeiro and Romee Strijd share their beauty secrets

The models were in town for the launch of Penshoppe Beauty Pop.

Photos by JV Rabano


Lipstick is the ultimate picker-upper: it fits in your pocket and is highly collectible, comes in every color you can imagine, and transforms your face in seconds, whether you’re going for subtlety or experimenting with bold new looks. It’s easy to understand why people swear by their trusted favorites, or why a new lip product always has the potential to change the beauty world as we know it. 

Penshoppe is the latest brand to join the game, officially launching their makeup line Penshoppe Beauty Pop in late June. Its first drop is practically a no-brainer, a series of lipsticks that come in two types of matte formulation and 18 full shades of understated nudes, bright reds, and deep plums. There’s the lightweight and long-wearing LiteMatte, and the vitamin E-infused HydraMatte, which is moisturizing and velvety-rich. 

Formulated in Japan, the Beauty Pop lipsticks capture the essence of modern young women with eye-catching ombre packaging and faint lip-smacking milk chocolate scent. Of course, it makes sense to have the campaigns feature models who know what they want and live in the moment — none other than Victoria’s Secret Angels Lais Ribeiro and Romee Strijd, who both flew to Manila to attend the Beauty Pop launch.

Lias’ go-to look is a bold lip and lots and lots of mascara.

“I’ve heard about Penshoppe a lot before because they were working in fashion already, of course,” says Romee. “Everybody always said it’s like a family, working with them, so I decided to do this job with them and it was actually like family. They were treating us so well and it was just so easy and nice to work with them.” 

Lais adds, “There was such a good energy on set.” 

“When I tried (the lipstick) for the first time, I immediately liked it because it was so close to not wearing lipstick,” Romee gushes. “It just gives you a little pop because the shades come close to your own lip tone and skin tone. It’s super nice when you have it on, it’s like matte but still moisturizing, it has a little bit of sheen.” When it comes to makeup, she’s always on the lookout for “something that’s hydrating, something that brings out your natural beauty.” 

The lipsticks were developed with the goal of appealing to and bringing out the wearer’s natural beauty, while also allowing them to express themselves and experiment with different shades and looks. They’re just the thing to finish off Romee’s go-to street look, which she describes as “super natural”: strong brows, dewy skin, and just the right lip color. 

Lais, meanwhile, is a fan of bolder colors and tying her hair up in a tight bun. “My look is very simple, very casual,” she says. “A lot of mascara. I don’t really put anything on my eyes, but I can’t leave home without lipstick.” Her favorite shades from the Beauty Pop line are the cheeky red Wild Child (“because I’m a little bit wild!”) and Prim and Proper, a pinkish nude she also uses as blush and eyeshadow. “It works for everything! It’s great,” she shares. “I always put a little bit of the lipstick I use on my cheeks and eyelids. It’s very fast and easy to do.” 

When she’s not walking the runway or posing for shoots, Romee posts vlogs on her YouTube channel, which is just shy of a million subscribers. “I’m filming a lot,” she says, adding that her boyfriend edits the videos. “I love YouTube. I’m into food and fitness. I do videos about what I eat in a day, or workout videos. I show behind-the-scenes of photoshoots or when I travel.” There are also hair tutorials, moments with family and friends, and even a home tour in Amsterdam.

When she’s not on the runway, Romee is busy with her Youtube channel, where she vlogs about fitness and beauty.

“In my downtime I really try to just do self-care, like go have a massage, work out,” Romee adds. “I go to a sauna because that’s the time where I can reload.” 

Lais recommends a good ice bath, saying it helps with sore muscles, stress, and sleep. “It’s good for the skin as well!” A former volleyball player when she was in school (“I’m good at it!”), she shares that she loves to get active and dance. “I’m kind of obsessed with this guy,” she says of the Nigerian artist Mr Eazi, whose music reminds her of her native Brazil. “There’s a lot of drums. It’s like life — I think anybody could hear that.” 

Both models stress the importance of spending time with family and friends as much as they can. “We live so fast,” says Lais. “We’re always on the move, into the next city. We just try to find a balance and support, because it’s really hard to be far away from them.”

If there’s one thing both Lais and Romee love about their job, though, it’s getting to meet new people and traveling to different countries to experience the culture. “I’m super excited to be in the Philippines actually because I’ve never been here before,” Romee says. 

“I tried a couple of the food you have here it reminds me of Brazil,” Lais chimes in. “One of my best friends is from (the Philippines) and I knew that all the people are so friendly. I hope I can have time to come back when I’m not working to see the city. The people are so welcoming. It’s really nice.” 


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