Wait, what? Serious Studio is dropping a makeup line???

Wait, what? Serious Studio is dropping a makeup line???

The design studio give us the lowdown on their newest project.

If you’re a self-proclaimed Behance and Pinterest addict, you’ve probably heard of local design outfit Serious Studio. Their portfolio is the type to make any graphic designer die and go to typography heaven.

Recently, they’ve also been dropping a lot of original merch aside from good-looking branding projects. From socks to planners to hot chocolate (a.k.a. all you will ever need for a cozy Sunday night), they keep on proving that they have a lot of design muscle to flex.

Now it seems like they’re venturing into the makeup world, and we’re here for it. We talk to Serious Studio co-founder and mastermind Deane Miguel about Serious Face and how they developed their very first lipstick.

It goes without saying: they may be Serious but they definitely put a smile on our faces. *badum tss*


What made you decide to do a makeup line?

As designers, we’re no strangers to color. One day we were looking through color swatches and thought Pantone P68-7C would look so good on your lips. The problem was it would be difficult to find that exact shade. That’s when it hit us. Why not make designer makeup? Cosmetics made by creatives for creatives. That’s why the essence of Serious Face is beauty #thewayhuewantit.


Can you explain the technology behind Serious Face?

Our patented spectraldropper™ technology is one-of-a-kind. It captures color in high definition. We studied how printers mixed custom colors and utilized specific Pantones. Working hand-in-hand with engineers, makeup professionals, and ourselves, we developed the spectraldropper™ that allows you to scan an object and select your desired pigment. Our first product Magicwand® is a breakthrough as well. Instead of having to buy multiple products, we made a multipurpose stick that can function as lipstick, eyeshadow, blush and more, all in one powerful product. Serious Face is the future of beauty.


What else can we expect?

The next products in our line-up of cosmetics are the Spot Healer® concealer and the Outerglow® highlighter stick. We may have a few other things up our sleeves, but one thing’s for sure: Serious Face is just getting started. We believe that the only limit to beauty should be your imagination, and ours knows no bounds.



For more information, visit https://www.seriousface.club.



Update: This article was published as an April Fool’s prank


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