We asked a few people for the stories behind their lucky charms

With everything that’s happening in our personal lives and in the world, sometimes we just need all the luck we can get, right?

There are different kinds of lucky charms that exist in different cultures. There’s no science to back it up, but you don’t also have to believe in the supernatural. Sometimes, we even get into random lucky situations and make the associations in our heads. Lucky charms come in the form of anything, really, like a number, shirt, or even that pen that helped you pass that test you didn’t study for. These charms don’t have to work their magic on other people to be considered legit, just as long as you passionately believe in it.

Young STAR asked some people what they consider their lucky charm and why. Here’s what they had to say:

My best friend gave me this bracelet a few years ago and it started with only one charm. Since then, I’ve gotten new ones during significant events, from close friends, and from around the world. I wear it every day regardless of whether it goes with my outfit — to every event, every entrance, and during every show. It reminds me that, no matter what obstacles are thrown my way, I will always be more than my failures and the stresses that come with any job and I will always have my friends and family to back me up. That makes me pretty lucky.

— Kayla Teodoro, 22

We have a barkada playlist called “The Sensual Millennial.” One night, we were driving around and when the song Don’t Want To Be Your Girl by Wet played, I got lucky with my date (read: we kissed) in the backseat. I’m convinced that the song is a legit lucky charm because 1) she is now my girlfriend, and 2) some of my friends have been getting lucky thanks to this song, too. — Herv Alvarez, 22

It was given to me by my tita from Japan when we visited her. We went to a temple and she got this for me because it’s believed to grant wishes. I always put it in my bag, but I don’t fully believe in it. I still keep it because it reminds me of my tita who believes in charms a lot. One of these days, I hope it works for me, too. — Iona, 27

My lucky charm would be my world map tattoo. I got it done spontaneously in a small classroom in U.P., and I’d like to believe that I had my dream drawn into existence because I surprisingly haven’t stopped traveling ever since. Sharing my tattoo to people via social media got me great connections for work and also helped me meet new friends. — Jermaine Choa Peck, 23

This random dude walked up to us in Tambai in Makati and started talking about his adventures and goals in life in a drunken, passionate slur. He then took out his lucky survival tool (it can be used as a spork, wrench, brass knuckles, etc.), gave it to me, and wished that it would help me as much as it helped him. I never saw Jordan The Dreamer (that’s what he calls himself) again, but I still carry his gift around. It’s been very useful, but it’s also a good conversation starter when meeting new people, who end up being my friends. — Marco Ablan, 21


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