We rounded up some of our faves’ inspirations for The Philippine Star’s 31st anniversary

We rounded up some of our faves’ inspirations for The Philippine Star’s 31st anniversary

What influences cool people to make cool work? We have the answers.

Saying that inspiration can come from everywhere is not just a cliché. Sometimes it strikes unexpectedly like lightning; sometimes it’s scheduled, like a visit to an exhibit. Our lives are fueled by things that bring us joy.

To celebrate The Philippine STAR’s 31st anniversary, we asked some of our faves about their inspiration. Whether it’s the professors we grew up with, the art we are surrounded by or a recent TV binge-watch, we are constantly surrounded by things that will help us move forward into our better selves. And there’s no better way to celebrate our anniversary than commemorating the people and things that make us who we are today.

“No one inspires me more than my parents. Although we don’t always see eye to eye, I cannot deny the fact that all my achievements in life are because of their influence. They’ve taught me the importance of hard work, the value of relationships, and the importance of a healthy soul.” Paolo Valenciano, actor
“My love and passion for my work is one of my strongest inspirations. I’d always tell others that my job right now isn’t a job for me at all because I love what I am doing.” — Gabbi Garcia, actress
“I get stoked traveling the world. I spend my time meeting or reading about amazing people that make a difference in the society, but my circle of friends and my wife are my greatest source of inspiration. Actors like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal taught me how to use my influence as an actor in helping important causes.” — Jericho Rosales, actor
“What inspires me the most are the people I meet along my journey. The ones who aren’t anxious talking about their passion and dreams but also honest enough to face reality’s sh*t times.” — Jasmine Curtis-Smith, actress
“I just came from a trip to Tokyo and I’m rewatching Sailor Moon and finishing the manga series Death Note. The line drawings and the use of color in the ’90s are giving me serious visual inspiration. I also revisited Tokyo Disneyland two weeks ago. On my studio wall, I hung up a few concept drawings of Disney movies from the Golden Age as a reminder to sprinkle a bit of magic in everything that I do.” — Reese Lansangan, musician
“I recently just finished attending the San Francisco and Los Angeles screenings of my film, Baka Bukas, and it was such a different experience to be able to share the film with a community that was so open to and nurturing of the work. The trip opened my eyes to what the LGBTQ community here could grow into and to continue telling stories that contribute to that growth.” — Sam Lee, film director
“What keeps us going are those small votes of confidence from the people we meet through Ilya. Like that lovely couple who shared how we helped embolden them to finally get their first toy, and how happy they were when they did. We never imagined that we’d be able to affect people that much!” — Arvin Alvarez and AJ Osmeña of Ilya
“I recently just finished attending the San Francisco and Los Angeles screenings of my film, Baka Bukas, and it was such a different experience to be able to share the film with a community that was so open to and nurturing of the work. The trip opened my eyes to what the LGBTQ community here could grow into and to continue telling stories that contribute to that growth.” — Sam Lee, film director
“Passionate women who love what they do and do what they love, balance their work and home life, juggle their multiple responsibilities while staying healthy, and who still manage to be kind, fabulous, and happy inspire me so much. It’s difficult to manage and yet there are women who, even if they aren’t perfect all the time, do it with joy and gratitude. So it’s possible after all.” — Missy Maramara, theater actress and instructor
“What inspires me is seeing my peers succeed. I feel a sense of pride every time one of my friends gets an accolade or award. Seeing the dedication and work they put in, then getting rewarded for it, has a strange positive effect on me. It inspires me to push just as hard, and leap just as far.” — Nelsito Gomez, theater actor
“The people that inspire are the people I meet during my travels.” — Jelito de Leon, photographer and travel blogger
“What inspires me is the passionate and eager younger generation. Every time I see them pursuing what they love, be it theater or whatnot, with their bright eyes and big smiles, it encourages me to keep doing what I love to do. I get nostalgic remembering myself in their shoes. They validate why I chose the path I’m on.” — Sarah Facuri, theater actress
“I’m inspired by art, films, and literature. I find them infinite sources of creativity. These things urge me to create something and be better at what I do.” — Raxenne Maniquiz, artist
“Music, art, and the stories behind them inspire me most ’cause they’re rooted in solitary experiences but they always tell of everyone else’s. That kind of connection makes you realize the value of expression and how it shapes the world.” — Karen de la Fuente, photographer
“I’m just so grateful to be able to draw inspiration from so many things and people. It’s those people who reach out unexpectedly, telling me how my work helped them in some way, that keeps me going. They make me want to be the best version of myself, and produce the best work I possibly can.” — Trasienne Estrada, entrepreneur
“As clichéd as it sounds, traveling inspires me. It’s always a good way to be able to open your mind and see things through other people’s perspectives.” — Melissa Gatchalian, blogger and entrepreneur
“My generation inspires me. Some have been called entitled and spoiled, but some have also been called disruptors and creatively brilliant. More importantly, as a collective, my generation has been characterized as courageous. No less than because of their tenacity to hold the Man (or Woman) accountable to the world they leave behind for us. What an exciting time to be this young!” — Manna Vargas, project coordinator, Oscar M. Lopez Center for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management Foundation Inc.
“Everyday stories inspire me and this, too, is how I want to inspire everyone else. I want people to realize the joy of discovering something new about themselves, and the simple pleasures brought about by small but meaningful things that do not require the presence of any another person.” — JP Habac, film director
“I want to be better than I am.” — Rob Cham, artist
“What inspires me is the diversity of women that I meet every day. I love how each girl is different from another. They all have different stories, jobs, short hair, long hair, tall, short, skinny, curvy, young, old. There’s so much demand with the quality of women’s lives nowadays. They just go out and roll with the punches, and as a designer I feel like it’s my job to provide them with clothes that feel like armor.” — Martin Bautista, fashion designer
“Struggle, and what comes after it. Regardless of whether it’s another person’s story or my own, I am constantly inspired by all the ways we can take whatever weighs us down, and turn it into something beautiful. It’s never easy, but I like to think it’s worth it.” — Nielli Martinez, advertising and promotions assistant for Bench and freelance writer
I’ve been geeking on Ryuichi Sakamoto a lot. How he composes, records and performs his work is just remarkable. It’s just beautiful how he tells a story. — King Puentespina, musician
When I create videos, I want people to connect and feel something. The idea that I can inspire people to follow their passions inspire me to hustle and prove to them that it is possible. Art, travel, and online content also fuel my drive to create videos. — Tin Villanueva, filmmaker 
“Knowing that today will never be the same as yesterday really fuels me to get up in the morning and try to be great.” — Thomas Caja, photographer
Humor, cleverness, emotions, and anything visual. Varying concentrations of these help me create. — Koji Arboleda, photographer
“As much as possible, I try to surround myself with people who are driven, kind, and passionate about life. Everyone has an inspiring story to tell and I always try to learn from others. You don’t have to be well known, be a certain age, or have a certain stature for me to find you inspiring. I believe we should all just aim to be the best versions of ourselves. It helps to also be inspired by the possibilities of the person you yourself have the potential to become.” — Carla Humphries, actress
“Nothing is more inspiring than a deadline.” — Raymond Ang, former Young STAR editor
“My constant inspiration is my feisty, tough as nails, socially aware little sister. Young people as headstrong and opinionated and passionate about making the world a better place always remind me to act not just for myself, to keep the future bright, and always pay it forward.”  — Janine Gutierrez, actress
“The people I work with inspire me. Being a part of Sunnies Studios and working among such talented creatives and minds is the best feeling in the world.” — Martine Cajucom, Sunnies Studios creative director
“Driven people inspire me. My dad, for example. Every day, he shows me how a person should do things well and how you constantly need to stretch, even if sometimes you find yourself outside of your comfort zone; because then, you will reach your maximum potential.” — Juliana Gomez, student and model
“Again and again, it has always been Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (of Opening Ceremony and Kenzo). I’ve always been a fan of innovative retail and fierce characters amidst tough times. What they achieved is really something to be amazed by.” — Esme Palaganas, fashion designer
“The authors I look up to and the books they write constantly inspire me to read between the lines and find human connection in the beauty of words.” — Abbey Sy, artist and author
“Drag queen RuPaul has been inspiring me so much lately. His positivity, drive, and humor are all the things I aspire to have. Even if some people are rude to him, he replies with kindness as he aims to educate instead of alienate.” — Saab Magalona, actress and vocalist of Cheats
“I am inspired by the people around me, good friends, and even strangers. I love hearing stories about them and even creating these stories in my head, which I then translate to my works.” — Mano Gonzales, artist
When I first started my Youtube channel, I found inspiration from foreign YouTubers. It was interesting how these young women were able to turn their passions into something  that inspired millions of girls like me around the world. Now, I find continuous motivation from the young women who constantly message me that I somehow make them smile or want to be a better version of themselves.” — Janina Vela, YouTuber
“The possibility of better things inspires us because everything will always get better. It is sometimes just a wave we have to pass through.” — Deane Miguel Cruz, Lester Cruz, and Kookie Santos of Serious Studio
“A certain Japanese photographer inspires me to do what I do today. His work is heartfelt and imaginative, traits that I try to emulate in my own life as well.” — Ralph Mendoza, photographer
“I look up to my parents’ success in their own field as a goal that I set for myself in my own profession. Next would be people in my generation that have done something amazing and meaningful. It proves that, as the youth, we can do so much and there is still a lot of room for all of us to grow. Last would be my fans. They would always talk about how I inspired them in little ways and it gives my life purpose.” — Kaila Estrada, model
“I recently watched a documentary on Yohji Yamamoto (The Dressmaker) and was moved by it. His struggles between being an artist and having to take care of people are what struck me the most. I really admire him never failing to recognize the sacrifices of these people behind his success.” — Tinay Villamiel, creative director, Artwork
“When I get sad, I’m inspired. When I’m angry, I’m inspired. I think and write and film the way I feel, and I guess I’ll always be inspired by feeling — however petty, disorienting ordinary, or lasting.” — Petersen Vargas, film director
“I’m really inspired by the idea of how things can be so much worse than they turned out to be.” — Coco Quizon, digital strategist and optimist
“I really try to surround myself with brilliant and talented people. At the end of the day, that’s where I get my inspiration from. From the creatives I get to talk to, to reading stories and interviews of people I admire, so much of what I do is thanks to what I learn from other people.” — Jonty Cruz, former Young STAR editor
“I’m always inspired by good (design) work. It motivates me to work even harder.” — Dan Matutina, graphic designer
“What inspires me is the everyday things that I encounter, may it be a certain scent or color, or even a memory; it’s infinite. That’s the beauty of inspiration: it sparks anywhere, anytime. And let’s not forget about creativity. Together, they make a great combo.” — Royce Pua, Diageo World Class Philippines 2017 Bartender of the Year
“Creative people that I meet from all over the world inspire me to work harder and dream bigger. These experiences elevate my taste and talent that I share with the younger generation of creatives in my own country.” — Kris Abrigo, artist
“I am very much inspired by my family and friends. I always find balance in being with them and catching up with what they are up to. It gives me a different perspective in what I do in fashion as well. Manila will always be in me no matter where I am.” — Carl Jan Cruz, fashion designer
“I am happy to be constantly inspired by the different moods, scenarios and sceneries I am in. This way I am always trying to evolve. A new book/sights, sounds, experiences from a vacation/a new plant that grew out of the concrete in our backyard. It’s the spontaneous details that inspire me.” — Wiji Lacsamana, tattoo artist and entrepreneur
“I am inspired by Tyler The Creator and Frank Ocean’s music marketing skills, by Apol Sta. Maria and Hulyen’s comics, by Los Otros a.k.a. John Torres and Shireen Seno’s film passion, by Russell Westbrook’s #WhyNot mentality, by Heather Havrilesky’s ‘Ask Polly’ column and by my mother, Victoria Gener, the most hardworking and persevering person I know.” — Kathy Gener, musician
“I paid attention to Georgia O’Keeffe much later than I’d have liked but the slow exposure worked out for me, because then, I am constantly learning about of all the cool things she was and did in her 98 years of life. Georgia O’Keeffe is very much her own woman, in all senses of the phrase: her remarkable, singular art, her androgynous style, and her enthusiasm for healthy food like the Tiger’s Milk smoothie she makes and drinks for breakfast. She even makes her own bread!”— Carina Santos, artist

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