What does it mean to have a workout for your face?

What does it mean to have a workout for your face?

Skin House Laser’s new branch in BGC offers up some next-level skincare choices.

Back when I was a skincare newbie who spent way too much time on r/asianbeauty, the thought of having someone else touch my face was terrifying. Paying someone to put a metal tool and prick (!) my acne was a terrifying prospect to consider after I’d just DIY-ed my way through the basics of skin exfoliation and moisturization.  

A couple of skin clinic visits later, and I’m not as scared as I used to be. Unlike what I’d imagined, clinics are less the hospital-like rooms I expected and more like spas where you get to relax and enjoy some much-needed me-time. Since getting my first treatment (the cheapest and most basic one on the clinic’s menu), I’ve been lucky enough to put aside a bit of my pay to treat ma’self to one every once in a while. 

It’s been a few months since my last one, so I figured I’d be ready for a facial service with a little more bite than the usual. At their newest branch in W City Center BGC, Skin House Laser suggested I try out their Madonna Oxylight Facial, a fully-packed six-step treatment which has been dubbed “a workout for the face.” It’s said to be Madonna’s go-to facial and requires no downtime. Yup, you can still head out without worrying about looking weird afterwards.

Skin House’s teal and white interiors give off a clean and natural vibe that are common in other skin clinics of their level, but what really caught my eye was how affordable their treatments were. The medical aesthetics center is known mostly for its laser treatments (hence its name), including diode laser hair removal and hyperpigmentation-busting laser facials that start at P1,000.

The Madonna Oxylight treatment marked my first time to experience a facial that used a machine for every step. My takeaway: not all facial tools look like they could double as torture devices — this treatment involved a facial technician running a bunch of different tools across my face, and I didn’t cringe once. 

The hour and a half-long treatment begins with diamond dermabrasion, which sounds intimidating but is just a fancy way to say exfoliation. The next step was lymphatic cleansing, which they say works by stimulating lymphatic flow. After that, they applied serum and sprayed my face with high pressure oxygen to seal it all in. This part was a bit ticklish because of the cold, but the end result is really quite refreshing.

Here’s where the magic wand-esque tools come in. For the Biosonix ultrasound, it felt exactly how you’d think an ultrasound would feel like from watching all those movies where a doctor does an ultrasound on an expectant mother, gel and all. LED lights are known for their restorative properties in skincare, and the red, blue, green, and yellow flashing lights on the tool were meant to address aging, acne, brightening, and dark spots.

The light- up wand tool made a comeback for the Myolight Microcurrent, where the technician ran a tool that lit up in different colors in upward strokes across my face. I was a bit shocked (pun intended) at first because the tool actually sent microcurrents to stimulate my different facial muscles. The repeated motions were oddly calming after a while.

At the end of the treatment session, my face was feeling just as promised — skin a bit brighter and a little tighter, and way smoother to boot. Despite recovering from a cold, I looked as if I’d just come back from a relaxing spa weekend. Going from zero to 100 was worth it. In the days following the treatment, I felt the freshest I’d ever felt in a while. Skin House wants to empower women to love the way they look, and who would counter that? 



The Madonna Oxylight facial is exclusive to Skin House Laser’s BGC branch at the Lower Ground floor, W City Center, 30th St. cor. 7th Ave. Visit their website to book a session, and follow them on Instagram @skinhouselaser for updates.  

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