Words of wisdom that describe the many ways women can change the world

Taking up space in a male-dominated world is a daunting task for any woman born into this world. Simply being ourselves warrants criticism — we’re too bossy, too emotional, too stuck up.    

Luckily, times are a changin, and women are bolder than ever to go out and speak their truth. Female empowerment isn’t just a trend that’ll be forgotten any time soon.

We got to listen to a couple of these inspiring women and change-makers share how they go out and take up space at the launch of the Levi’s I Shape My World campaign last week. Here are some inspiring soundbites from the talks that cover everything from body positivity to LGBTQ+ acceptance.

Reporter Jamela Alindogan set a somber tone while she narrated stories of her visits to conflict zones. For her, being a journalist and a mother brings with it the a kind of guilt that pushes her to help others in whatever way she can. She founded the Sinagtala Center for Women and Children to benefit children and women affected by the Marawi siege.


“What does being a woman mean to me? Living a life of use and service to others. To me, that is my own act of resistance.”

 Jamela Alindogan, Al Jazeera Asia-Pacific correspondent

Tiffany Uy was diagnosed with lupus erythematosus just as she was about to enter her first year of college. Her story was one of resilience, a reminder that we need to take care of ourselves by loving ourselves. Tiffany eventually won her battle, graduating cum laude, and even recently participated in the recent Spartan Race.


“Having this disease, I realized that loving myself is a process of understanding and accepting my flaws.”

Tiffany Uy, lupus advocate and survivor

As the first University Student Council chairperson of the University of the Philippines, Heart set an example for others from the LGBTQ+ community, letting them know that they could occupy spaces as high up as that. Heart recounted instances of discrimination in school, in the workplace, and even while traveling.


“Being transgender, it’s not easy to tell your story because people will judge [you]. We have to share our story of resilience because if people hear it they will be made aware of our situation. Keep telling our stories and inspiring one another.”

Heart Diño, transgender woman and LGBT rights advocate

Being called the “fat girl” as a kid was tough for Kat Gumabao. Over the years, she learned to love her body and set out to make it as a Filipina plus-sized model in the US. Her hard work paid off, and Kat got to walk the New York Fashion Week runway in 2017.


“It’s never too late to get what you deserve because you are human. You are genuine in all your forms, all your mistakes, and all your being.”

Kat Gumabao, international model

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