The workaholic’s guide to enjoying the holidays

The workaholic’s guide to enjoying the holidays

Tip #4: Maybe try fixing your body clock this Christmas.

Art by Maine Manalansan


Ah, the workaholic. A creature who has coffee flowing through their veins and a sleep schedule that could rival an owl’s.

Not gonna lie, I too have a weird attachment to intense all-nighters and working until the sun comes back up. There’s something morbidly fulfilling about seeing all that hard work pay off and knowing that you’ve slaved over it behind the scenes. This type of work ethic is prevalent these days, especially among overachieving students and young creatives, and can be a problem if you don’t know how to handle your stress and take breaks.

With the holidays coming up, everyone is expected to relax, unwind, and just generally ignore the rest of the world and focus on their friends and families. For a workaholic, turning Work Mode off can be a little tricky. Here are a few tips for those struggling to put the laptop down and smell the hamon and quezo de bola.

Disconnect, literally.

Forcing yourself to stop working by restricting your access to technology is a quick fix for your workaholic tendencies. Stop checking your email every 30 minutes and put that phone somewhere you can’t reach during family dinners and other special events.

Tighten your work time.

Deadlines are deadlines after all, and if you really need to get some work done, allot a small portion of your time (like an hour) for it. Do a little bit each day, so that you’re being efficient and not overworking yourself at the same time.

Channel your productivity somewhere else.

Can’t stop those jittering hands? Decorate a tree, cook for your family, or get into some extreme gift wrapping (like, do some next level Rustan’s-type ish). It’s a small way to keep busy and contribute to the festivities. Doing Christmas-related things can still give you the sense of accomplishment that finishing a report can. Plus, it’s less draining (arguably).

Try out things you’ve always wanted to do.

There’s probably a book or a show out there that you’ve always wanted to get into but didn’t have the time for. Now’s your chance! Lounge on the couch, log on to Netflix, and get those Zs in.

Spend time with those you lurve.

Sometimes, we have relatives that we can’t seem to spend more than five minutes with, so don’t force yourself to do so. This Christmas is all about people you love and care about. Show them how much they mean to you by hanging out or even just simply catching up with them. Reconnect with the people you’ve lost touch with over the past year.

For a workaholic, the Husslecan be addicting, especially if you’re really passionate about what you’re doing, but it can burn you out fast. What’s great about Christmas is that a large number of your co-workers celebrate it too. So don’t stress over your work life during the holidays too much because others probably aren’t. Get some much needed rest to cap off the year so you’ll have enough energy to start the next one.