Workshops to check out to avoid being a summer bum

Workshops to check out to avoid being a summer bum

A productive summer? Always.

When it comes to summer vacation, our activities usually fall under two categories: wind down or party hard. And by rock hard, we mean making the most out of your vacation by doing actual productive things that don’t involve Netflix and chilling. We’re all about the latter. This week, we rounded up workshops we want to check out this summer. From theater to tattoo (don’t worry, they’re temporary) workshops, we’re sure you’ll find something up your alley.


Atlantis Musical Theater Workshop 2017
Apr 24 to May 20

While I personally can’t try this workshop myself due to the age limit, I’ve always wanted to try an acting class — nice bonus, Atlantis has recently staged theater faves such as Kinky Boots and Fun Home. Even if you aren’t keen on an acting career (although, who knows), it’s been said that acting classes are a great way to boost your confidence. A little internalized #GGSS couldn’t hurt, eh? — Marga Buenaventura, editor

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Devised Theatre Workshop by Performance Lab
May 20 to 31

For those looking to build a portfolio while developing a skill set for the performing arts world, you might wanna pay attention. Performance Lab’s Devised Theatre Workshop basically works this way: an original work is offered up, and is developed and refined through constant collaboration. It’s dynamic, interdisciplinary education on steroids, as the workshop also includes seasoned creatives from groups such as Silly People’s Improv Theater and Repertory Philippines facilitating classes. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, as long as you’re 13 years of age or older Performance Lab reckons you’ll be able to pick up a few new tricks here. — Jam Pascual, copy editor

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Advanced bag construction by SoFA Design Institute
May 6 to June 10, Saturdays at 8AM-12PM

Ever wanted to get into fashion design but never really wanted to make clothes? Well, accessory design might just be the thing for you. SoFA’s summer workshop runs for eight weeks, and will cover everything from bag construction principles and pattern-making to sourcing and constructing mock-ups of complicated designs. Apart from discussing the fundamentals of designing a bag, the workshop promises to tackle other aspects of setting up a bag business. They’ve also got a leather crafting workshop that runs from April 11 to May 30 to go hand-in-hand with the bag construction classes. — Neal P. Corpus, print editorial assistant

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Maker Camp: Electronics, robotics, and programming by The Mind Museum
April 21 to 23

If you’re anything like me, you probably find tech like the Xyloband (synchronized light wristband used in every Coldplay concert) and interactive digital installations (often involving motion, sound, and light sensors) super interesting yet intimidating at the same time. Lucky for us, MakerSpace Pilipinas (the tinkering program of The Mind Museum) is organizing Maker Camp: a 3-day workshop on basic electronics, robotics, and programming on April 21-23. The world of art, science, and technology is pretty complex, but learning about 3D printing, motion sensors, and coding might be a fun place to start. — Tin Sartorio, assistant editor

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Tattoooie Workshop 2017 by Designer’s Crib
April 22

My dad used to tsk-tsk in disapproval whenever I’d come home from school with writing on my hands — doodles or lyrics — because I wasn’t “a human scratch pad.” Since then I’ve planned to get an actual tattoo. (Sorry, Dad.) I don’t know what I want inked on me forever yet, though, so this personalized watercolor temporary tattoo workshop by Designer’s Crib, to be held on April 22 from 1 to 4 p.m. at Local Edition Makati, is just the ticket. Making your own colorful stick-on body art is definitely a step up from ballpoint pens. — Fiel Estrella, editorial assistant

Workshop fee is Php 2000, inclusive of materials and freebies. To sign up, go to

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