Wrangler ambassador Jericho Rosales is as hungry for adventure as ever

It’s half past 10 in the evening, and Jericho Rosales has been up since the crack of dawn. “We were up at 3 a.m.,” he says while sipping on a bottle of Stella Artois. He’s exhausted but it doesn’t show. He and his team have been shooting the new campaign for Wrangler’sTrue Wanderer campaign, which is now on its third year. This year is Jericho’s second time as its ambassador. It’s been a wild ride up until this point, and it’s only the first day of filming. Their first stop was in Zambales, riding through the SCTEX and shooting a few sequences there, and now here in La Union. After the interview they will shoot another scene before capping off the night, and tomorrow, another full day of riding motorcycles, going off-road, and other “just wanderer” things.

The next morning, Jericho is up again at 6 a.m. When we meet him a little bit after noon, he is whirring around in one of his motorbikes in an open field by the beach. Despite getting only as much sleep as the average college student doing their thesis, Jericho does not in any way look like it. It’s probably because God was in a good mood the day He made him, or maybe Wrangler’s team just makes him look so damn good. Or maybe it’s both. He seems to be in his element: clearly, Jericho is made for this kind of thing, rolling through roads on his motorbike, weaving through waves on a surfboard, and wrestling through rivers in a Wrangler jeepney. Who wouldn’t want this? For the avid explorer, it’s the ultimate dream.

River ride: For this year’s Wrangler True Wanderer campaign, Jericho Rosales rode through various terrain, including the lahar in Zambales.

You would think that Jericho is the perfect archetype for this adventurer persona, but according to him, he’s only the poster boy. The true riders deserving of the title are the contestants of Wrangler’s campaign, which was basically a trip photographing the Philippines while riding a motorbike, and seeing who best embodied this ideal. As he was describing the process of going through the entries of the previous year, there was a tone in his voice that spoke of nothing but admiration for these wanderers.

Now, as it celebrates its third year, the Wrangler True Wanderer contest begins anew, opening up to more than just bikers like Jericho. It now includes all kinds of transportation modes, which explains the off-road jeepney and the plane in the campaign. All you gotta do is post a travel photo captioned with the story of why you are an Open Road Hero (a maximum of three entries per person). And what’s the prize aside from the coveted title and bragging rights, you ask? A trip for two to Batanes and a cool P100,000 in Wrangler merchandise to suit up for your adventure. If that doesn’t fuel your thirst for adventure, then stories from the True Wanderer himself, Jericho Rosales, might just do the trick.

“As a rider, when you get to read up on their adventures, you understand kung gaano kahirap yung journey na ‘yun.”

YOUNG STAR: It’s your second year as Wrangler’s ambassador. How do you feel about being the “epitome” of a True Wanderer?


JERICHO ROSALES: I don’t think I’m the epitome. But, I feel proud at the same time, I feel envious, or jealous kasi they (the contestants) actually get to be sent to different cities and they have a mission, things to do, people to meet. I can’t do that because I’m working, so I can only do the three-day shoot. But I feel this responsibility is exciting, calling out to all wanderers and really telling them to go out and ride, explore, and be on your own, although it’s really dangerous (laughs). Well, ‘di naman siya ‘yung tipong nakakamatay, pero wala ka talaga sa comfort zone mo.

Being the Wrangler “poster boy” means a lot to me because I feel like I’m doing the right thing with surfing, adventure trips — the things I wanna do off-camera. Mas nade-define ako as a person. With the projects I’m gonna accept, it has to reflect my character, it has to reflect my personality. And being here again, I take pride in being an advocate of adventure. You can say that instead of “poster boy.”

What’s your favorite place to visit in the Philippines?

I haven’t been to (La Union) in nine months, since I started Talas Manileño, my barbershop, and Mr. Manileño, my online baby. I did TV shows and movies. La Union will always be the first stop if it’s a northern trip. Surf and say hello to friends, either check out the market or go off-roading. I love visiting the North.

“If there’s something that traveling has made me realize, it’s that you can always be a better version of yourself, just by being alone.”

When did your passion for adventure begin? Were you always adventurous growing up?

When I was a kid, marami na akong sugat sa paa at sa kamay. Lagi ako nagkakakalkal, sa gubat-gubat, kung saan saan lang ako nagpupunta. I’ve always been an adventure seeker, a thrill-seeker. Parang feeling ko 24/7 National Geographic ‘yung utak ko. Then, when I became an actor, I was able to save money; I started surfing, and then surfing brought me to so many places. Feeling ko the best pa rin dito in the Philippines. Ang daming spots na napag-surfing-an ko na from north to south. And it’s beautiful, discovering a new spot. Parang feeling mo may na-unlock kang bagong level sa Mario 3.

Sunset rider: Since becoming an actor, Jericho has become an avid motorcyclist and adventurer.

Do you have a dream destination?

May dream trip ako eh, around Asia. Maybe I would go, let’s just say… Himalayas. That’s a trip to put on your bucket list.

Is there anything that traveling has taught you about yourself?

Traveling kasi, laging partner niyan is a challenge. If there’s something that traveling has made me realize, it’s that you can always be a better version of yourself, just by being alone. It’s one thing to travel alone, it’s another thing to travel with someone. You have to work together, and you have to have that rapport. And if you don’t respect each other, you don’t help each other, and you don’t have travel chemistry, man, ang lala niyan. It will make or break your trip.

What’s your most memorable experience from the campaign?

The most memorable experience was hanging out with the riders (contestants) and looking at their adventures. As a rider, when you get to read up on their adventures, see the pictures and watch the videos, you understand kung gaano kahirap ‘yung journey na ‘yun. The essence of being the True Wanderer is sitting down and looking at everything that was submitted. I say this because when I got to meet the riders, naalala ko ‘yung rides nila. Naalala ko ‘yung mga mukha nila. Naalala ko yung mga ginawa nila. It was like reading a book, and actually meeting the author.

Wrangler’s True Wanderer contest will run from March 3 to April 19. For more information, follow them on Instagram at @wranglerph and facebook.com/WranglerPH.

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