The Young STAR internship guide

The Young STAR internship guide

Get those CV’s ready for summer.

Let’s face it: when you’re about to graduate, the months counting down to joining the “real world” are nothing short of scary. For most of our academic lives, we know what’s gonna happen next: another semester, another bunch of subjects, and maybe a bigger set of friends. But now that we’re about to leave school, we’re not entirely sure of what’s to come. There are movies we can watch and people we can talk to, but we don’t really know what it’s like to actually be working until we’re in the “real world” ourselves.

But there’s actually one less-scary thing that’s close to it: internships. It’s a great way to check out the companies you want to work for and, if things go well, at least you already have a foot in the door. Not to mention that you’re gonna learn new skills, develop the ones you already have, and get a feel of being a professional. We rounded up some companies you might be interested in, so if you’re ready, get out that CV and check out what the working world has to offer.


Looking for: Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing and Franchise interns, currently in their third or fourth year taking up Business Administration, Finance/Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Psychology, Communication Arts etc, and willing to render five months of internship.

How to apply: Apply through or directly email your résumé to [email protected]


Looking for: Human Resources, Sales, Finance, and Marketing interns, with previous leadership experience who can work at least three days a week. Photography background preferred for those interested in the marketing intern position.

How to apply: Send your résumé to [email protected] For more info, visit

Philippine Educational Theater Association

Looking for: College students taking up Communication Arts, Multimedia Arts or any other related course, with videography/photography and editing skills.

How to apply: Send your résumé and portfolio to [email protected] For more info, visit PETATHEATER


Looking for: Multimedia intern for graphics/illustrations/layouts (Adobe Creative Suite knowledge is a plus) and creative interns to help out with social media content.

How to apply: Drop your CV and portfolio at [email protected] For more info, visit

Ayala Museum

Looking for: College students taking up Fine Arts, Advertising and Digital Design, Art Studies, Tourism or HRM, Education, or similar courses.

How to apply: Send over your CVs, portfolio (for designers) and letter of recommendation from your school that indicates the required internship hours to [email protected] For more info, visit


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