YS Exclusive: Liza Soberano is your new Sunnies girl

It was in the films and shows of the ’90s that we became familiar with the prettiest girl in school — the one that every jock, nerd and wannabe wanted to befriend or ask to prom. Sunglasses on, her scrunchie in place, she’s practically perfect in every way. And while we thought they only existed in the films we now stream on the internet, imagine our surprise when one such girl is right here on local TV, charming us all to pieces.

Actress Liza Soberano is more than just a pretty face or a dream girl — she’s absolutely chill, makes no fuss, and is one of the most hardworking hustlers in the business. It’s that, more than her looks, that made her the perfect Sunnies Studios girl. Sunnies is much like Liza: beyond its cute, laid-back aesthetic is a company that has become one of the most successful retail brands in the Philippines. It’s a match made in teen dream heaven, we think.

Sunnies let us take an exclusive sneak peek at their new campaign with Liza, shot by photographer Emman Montalvan. From what we’ve seen so far — warm colors, a hint of nostalgia, and loads of cuteness — the campaign itself will be absolutely bomb. We also got to chat with Sunnies creative director Martine Cajucom, who tells us just why Liza Soberano makes the perfect Sunnies girl.

More than just a pretty face: Liza’s chill disposition makes her the perfect Sunnies Studios muse.
Incognito: The new Sunnies Studios collection also features dark lenses for stalking your childhood crush.
Sunnies on the floor: Liza shows off the sultry Kiko style.

YOUNG STAR: Hi, Martine! So how does Liza embody the Sunnies girl persona?

MARTINE CAJUCOM: Liza is someone we’ve been stalking since basically forever. When we saw her post a photo wearing Sunnies and heard she was a fan of the brand, we knew she was our girl. Despite being one of the most recognizable faces in the country, Liza still has a mystery about her that makes you want to know more. When you do finally meet her, her non-diva vibes are disarming and magnetizing. She’s so much more than just a pretty face; she’s humble, super hardworking and has zero pretensions. Liza keeps it real and that’s what the Sunnies girl is really all about.

Nonchalant: Sunnies Studio and Liza share many things in common — being no-fuss, laid-back, but still knowing how to hustle.
Strike a pose: The new campaign featuring Liza was photographed by Emman Montalvan.

You guys flew in Emman Montalvan for the shoot. What about his work connects with the brand’s own aesthetic?

We’ve been working with Emman since our first campaign for Sunnies and not only is he one of our dearest friends, but his energy really embodies what Sunnies Studios is all about.

Emman has this ease about him, the way he sees things, the way he captures moments just feels so effortless — it’s an aesthetic that we can really connect with. Not to mention Emman is such a blast to hang out with on set, he has the best sense of humor and he got all of us laughing. Liza included! He has this cross-cultural way of making his subjects feel comfortable and at their best, and that’s something that really translates to his images.

At ease: Pull off that androgynous vibe with the Serge.
Throwback mood: Liza’s campaign with Sunnies was inspired by relatable and casual nuances from the ‘90s.

Can you share with us your inspiration behind the campaign with Liza? What was on your mood board for this?

Liza really inspired us to indulge and reminisce about our early childhood crushes. Each of us remember having posters of our favorite celebrities growing up and then we remembered a song by the ’90s boy band LFO, Girl on TV. She’s someone we all have seen and admired from afar and we wanted to get to know her more.

We styled Liza in a way that was relatable and casual with nuances of the late ’90s. We referenced a lot of American teen movies we enjoyed binge watching growing up like Can’t Hardly Wait, She’s All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, Jawbreaker, etc. In the immortal words of Rose McGowan’s iconic Courtney Shane: “Liza’s the teen dream, deal with it.” — Marga Buenaventura


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