YS Mixtape No. 2: Festive Edition

YS Mixtape No. 2: Festive Edition

The Ber months are upon us, and you know what that means.

Remember when your music taste wasn’t dictated by an algorithm? There’s nothing like hearing a living, breathing person go OFF about why they love a song. That’s where YS Mixtape, our new bi-weekly playlist comes in — bringing you songs straight from the playlists of Young STAR’s editorial team and contributors.  


As required by the Jose Mari Chan calendar, Sept. 1 marks the start of the Christmas season. We Filipinos really love our Christmas, from our bibingka to “Bibingka” by Ben & Ben. So what if September’s three months away from December? To hell with all the haters — yuletide season begins today! 

And there’s no better way to spread Christmas cheers than by playing (and obviously, singing your heart out so your kapitbahay can say “Patawad!”) the songs of the season. We sound off below about our fave tunes. So from our family — err, team — to yours, Merry Christmas ya filthy animal! Consider this our Christmas gift — and your next Christmas party playlist. Save some Amber pancit for us, please.


All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

What’s a Christmas playlist without this song? Not only is it an incredible karaoke song and full-on gay club banger, it’s musically proven to help you feel the holiday spirit. #L4L or not, you gotta admit: Mariah’s a genius. — Neal, art director


Mistletoe by Justin Bieber

I used to be a lowkey Belieber. You know, when he still showered everyday and didn’t have lice. This song brings back memories of the good old days. The idea of having a special someone to kiss during the holidays makes me really soft, and pre-pubescent Justin Bieber just gets me. — Bea, editorial assistant


Christmas Bonus by Aegis

The season of giving also means giving your money to capitalists, so what better way to balance the game than Christmas Battali — I mean Christmas bonuses? This Aegis classic is perfect for full-on karaoke while silently realizing freelancers don’t get Christmas bonus, so you just say Santa, sana ako rin please! — Gian, editorial assistant


Girl of My Dreams by Jonas Brothers

As a major Jonas Brothers fangirl back in grade school,track two2 of the “Disney Channel Holiday” album was my jam and I still memorize all the words. To this day, I am still unsure of what eggnog tastes like.   — Gaby, online editor


All I Want For Christmas Is You by My Chemical Romance

Yes sure Mariah’s version is the OG classique. But before Old Town Road was a thing, this song had the most remixes/remakes in HISTORY (don’t fact check me on that). Forget Justin Bieber; this version of MCR is the best of the bunch. It’s equal parts angsty and jolly, making it perfect for Christmas dinners with relatives you despise. (“Iha, parang tumaba ka,” my foot) — Maine, editor


Ho-Ho-Hopefully by The Maine

This christmas serenade hits you like a sip of mellow, sweet hot chocolate. I only ever unearth it when I’m ready to welcome the holidays, and boy does it shoot straight at my heart. — Lorenzo, contributor


Kiss Me Like It’s Christmas by This Century 

This has always been one of my favorite contemporary pop holiday songs — the tone and mood scream Christmas spirit, but the lyrics are vague enough (e.g. “kiss me like it’s Christmas,” not “kiss me ‘cause it’s Christmas”) that you can enjoy this honest-to-god bop all year round.  — Fiel, copy editor


Last Christmas by Wham!

Okay, just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you need to be festive 24/7. Now that I’m older, this bittersweet classic by George Michael just hits me differently. Whether it’s an old friend or a lover, we all got that one person in mind, don’t we? — Ripley, contributor


Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee

I really love 1960s versions of Christmas songs. They have this classic and magical Christmas feel to them that reminds me of holiday shopping with my parents, gift wrapping, and opening gifts on Christmas Eve as a kid. — Kleona, contributor


Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande

Christmas is the time to feel cozy and warm… and cute. Ever since it was released, I’ve been playing this song not only during the Christmas season because it’s truly a festive bop. The song is indeed cute and flirty, but still filled with longing — which is honestly a mood during the holidays. — Ella, contributor


Christmas in Our Hearts by Jose Mari Chan

There are just some things that scream Christmas, in all its nervous, kitschy glory. Titas asking who your non-existent jowa is for example, or last minute Christmas shopping through some crowded, sterile department store with this frickin’ song in all its synth-y ‘90s glory, reminding you that yes indeed, you are a pretty crappy grandson who forgot to plan his gifts list in advance again. God bless you, Jose Mari Chan, you delightful, Filipino-Chinese nostalgia machine you. — Jedd, contributor


P.S: There’s this very, very palo Christmas In Our Hearts remix by Juro Ongkiko. You’re welcome, Jedd. You’re welcome, Philippines. — Gian, editorial assistant

Listen to the full playlist below. 


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